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For the past year or so I have been flying two Align's 600n. The reason is because I can learn on it, bash it around without worrying to much about buying parts after a crash. It does the job. Parts on it aren't the quality of a MA, especially the bearings.

I was going to get an Align 700, then I realized I have a 1999 Ma 60-SE sitting around waiting to be flown, with a lot of extra parts in storage. When I first started, I had a MA standard that I actually flew for years before I seriously put it into the ground. This heli needed nothing unless I crashed it. The parts are of high quality.

I do like the Align for learning but I can't see buying a 700 when I have the SE sitting around.

The 3D I have learned well with the Align is what I will do with the SE.

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rrElite Veteran

O Fallon, MO

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Fly it! There is nothing wrong with the SE. Sure, it's not CCPM, but it will do anything you want and when you are ready, you can get a Fury 55 or Furion 6.

Back in those days (SE days) a lot of guys were buying Raptor 30's to learn 3D on. You could bash one of those in and only cost you $100 or less to get it back into the air.

Team Synergy/Rail, Team Scorpion, YS Engines, VelTye

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Justin Stuart (RIP)


Plano, Texas

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How about some pictures of your "new" treasure? I like to see the "old" MA birds.

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St Louis MO

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+1 on pictures

10-18-2010 03:19 PM  8 years agoPost 5
My Helis


Athens, Greece

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I have tested almost everything. My first helicopter was a Kyosho 60 in 1995. My second bought it next year and was the X-cell Pro .I converted to Pro 2 K and i used that since 2004 and all flights with this heli, was F3C. Just 2 weeks ago i desided to fly it again. When i hovered it again i could't belive how stable was.
I went back home i cleaned it up and i will keep flying it every weekend.

John Koutsoulas / Myhelis team

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I haven't been on RR for a week or so. I'll get some pictures up of the SE. I should get some pictures up of my friend's xcell 60 with the 2 tail. He won the 93 novice nats with it. He's a perfectionist with everything, especially his own custom paint jobs.

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