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10-12-2010 02:37 AM  8 years agoPost 1


valencia california

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I just bought a 9503 jr transmitter and I can not get the f-mod switch to change rpm in each flight mode from the govenor. How do program the radio? Can anyone help? I have been flying helis for about 10 years but this is my first gv1 and 611 gyro!!

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10-12-2010 03:25 AM  8 years agoPost 2

rrKey Veteran

Farmington, CT

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You need to decide what channels you want to assign to the Governor and GY611.

I use the GEAR channel for Gyro Gain, and AUX2 for the Governor RPM.

Start the radio in system mode (Hold enter while turning on TX).

Go to Device Select, set Gear to Gear SW, and AUX2 to FMOD.

Plug your Rudder and Gain leads into your RX (Gain lead into GEAR), and Plug the GV-1 RPM lead into your AUX2 on your RX.

This setup will allow you to select between HH and Rate mode using the Gear switch, and will allow you to flip through the 3 governor RPMs using your flight mode switch.

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10-12-2010 03:38 AM  8 years agoPost 3


valencia california

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9503 programing issue with gv1 govenor
Thanks for the reply.Down at the bottom of the list its says out as gov at gear switch and aux 2 for gyr The book says to put the gov at gear switch???????

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10-28-2010 02:42 PM  8 years agoPost 4



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i think a 9503 and 9303 has thesame programming.
here's what i did.
-device select
- gear set to gov
- aux2 set to gyro
- press enter
- press list
- governor menu- normal: -100%: st-1 0%:st-2 +100%:hold 0%
now you set the gv-1 accoding to manual. use flight mode switch to choose headspeed setting.


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11-10-2010 04:13 AM  8 years agoPost 5



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Here are my channel assignments for my 9303 (it may be similar to your radio)

You need to plug in the GV-1 as follows:

Aux on/off - Gear channel
Aux RPM - Aux 3 Channel
Ch Throttle - Throttle Channel

Make sure you gyro gain is plugged into Aux 2 while you are at it.

Next, make sure channel assignments are correct in the radio. Go into device select and make sure the following assigments are right:

Gear - Gear switch
Aux 2 - Aux 2 switch
Aux 3 - FMOD switch

Next, on the governor turn on the StSW function. Then set the each of the speed settings on the governor to:

S1 <1000 (this will make sure the governer stays off in normal mode)
s2 1750 (or whatever you desire)
s3 1850 (or whatever you desire)

Next, set you throttle curves on the radio. The normal curve should be relativly linear but make sure that on both stunt 1 and stunt 2 curves you have a V curve. Because the STSW switch is engaged, the governer will shut off at less than 25% throttle so you want to make sure that the throttle in idle up 1 and 2 will not ever get to 15% by making v curves.

11-10-2010 04:39 AM  8 years agoPost 6

rrKey Veteran

Hamilton Ontario, CANADA

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In the above set-up it makes no sense at all to ACT your STSW feature in the GV1.What benefit will you have if you have normal <1000 and V curves programmed,you will never use the stick to activate the GV1...

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