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12-22-2010 06:43 PM  10 years ago

rrKey Veteran

Orlando, FL

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If you are running an engine lean aren't you are going to score the piston and linear much sooner than seeing a bearing fail?

However now, should we as consumers take your opinon with a grain of salt being you are sponsored by Magnum Fuels? Not trying to start a debate here, just stating the obvious.

Your profile says:

Fuel Preference: Magnum....Simply the Best.
Biography: Team Magnum Fuels

So, intead of trying to defend it. State why you like it and let others make their own opinion. Your post makes you sound an angry mother mad at the kid down the road for telling her son that he is fat.
David Smith
12-22-2010 06:56 PM  10 years ago


Colorado Springs, CO

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I'm pretty sure Magnum is still selling bearings now as well. Under the warranty tab they guarantee them for 1 year if running Magnum fuel. I'm sure there are some disclaimers - but first I've seen this from a manufacture.
I tried Magnum and while it ran great I also replaced a rear bearing almost immediately after using it... 5 gallons. I was warned of this prior to using it but decided to give it a shot anyway.
I hadn't seen this warning before or read about it until your post. Guess it's compatible with the Magnum bearings based on the guarantee? I don't know, but will be putting my first set of Magnum bearings in this weekend in a older OS50 - but I've never had a bearing issue to date so agree it's a matter of tuning style.
12-22-2010 11:03 PM  10 years ago

rrKey Veteran

West Chester, PA

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So much for trying to share my experience.

Steven B.
12-23-2010 03:19 AM  10 years ago

rrElite Veteran

east coast

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I've been out of the hobby for sometime. Is the price of fuel still outrageous? Just curious? I remember paying $19 a gallon, then $23-25, then the price shot up to $30+. I stopped when it was in the high $20's. I want to get back into flying since I now have the time.
12-23-2010 06:45 AM  10 years ago



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I'm NOT sponsord by Magnum I'm just a dealer for both Magnum and wildcat. And I have expericed failer with all fuels, my friend is a cool power fan two cases new OS91HZR bearing failer and he runs rich.MAH blade Rep
Magnum fuels
12-25-2010 05:37 PM  10 years ago

rrKey Veteran

North Idaho

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I've used Rotor Rage, loved it but it was too expensive ($35/gal) and I had to drive an hour each way to get it. Ran CP for a long time because it was cheaper ($28/gal)with 20 minute each way drive but that place burned down last month (arson is suspected). I liked CP just fine. I still have a gallon of Wildcat 20/20 left from when the previously mentioned lhs ran out of CP and burned down before getting more. I have a case of Outrage 30% patiently waiting it's turn. I had to give it a shot. $80 a case to your door is hard to pass up. For me, fuel usage is all about price and availability.

I agree that all the brands we use are similar and it doesn't really matter what you use. I believe, like most things in this hobby, people have problems with a product because they didn't use it properly or are pushing it past it's limits. Maybe they are tuning too close to the limit all the time (how many people who do this actually can fly good enough to need the power?). Maybe they just are not good at tuning. Maybe they store their helicopters in bad places? Don't know, except it is human nature to blame everyone and everything else except yourself. My belief, just buy what you can get, try to stay with that brand for consistency's sake, run it a bit rich and you will have less problems.
12-27-2010 02:04 AM  10 years ago



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Former Hobby Dealer
This will get me lots of answers I suppose, but I have been personally using CoolPower 30% since 87, in addition to other brands with all the dish soap in them, but prefer the CoolPower.

I have now returned to old school and like it better. A good Rossi, Webra, or YS on a muffled tuned pipe, and 10%fuel. I save money get great performance, and less trouble with my engines. I have not done any contests for a long time, so this is fine with me.

Two of the engines mentioned above, where designed to use with a tuned pipe, so when you use a pipe, it really wakes them up. Also most engines from Europe are designed around fai fuel, or 10% and make more power.

If you take a engine that is rated by the mfg. at 2.2HP, and use 30% fuel, how much additional power do you think it makes? Not a lot. I doubt it will make much more than 2.3HP. Anyone got a dyno? LOL It would be interesting to say the least.

There is the problem of detination caused by compression to high for the fuel, and I think that is the culprit with these bearings, and not the fuel. Someone else mentioned that as a problem, and they are correct. As I said most engines, are designed around 10% or less nitro. "Check it out" IF you use high nitro you should shim the head with at least one extra to bring the compression down. I do, and no problems with it.
12-27-2010 05:02 AM  10 years ago
Santiago P



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have now returned to old school and like it better. A good Rossi, Webra, or YS on a muffled tuned pipe, and 10%fuel.
The approach of returning to tunes pipes makes a lot of sence. Most engines today have pretty high timimg and with the commonality of governors you can park the engine right on the sweetspot for the pipe and make toons of power with 10-15%, almost if not the same as when using 30% and a regular muffler.

Magnum Fuels Rep
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