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09-20-2010 05:18 AM  9 years ago


Dover NH USA

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No, you did not deal with my issue. I had a defective fuel tank for a R90 that leaked out of the package. Calling I was told over and over again that "Anthony" was the only one who could do anything for me. Over a month of me calling he was never in and never called me until finally I sent a long email to Ace and the Hobby shop I bought it from saying how poor my service experience had been. Magically I got a call from him the next day saying he had received my tank and my replacement was on the way. Of course I never received that tank, so I bought a defective product, sent it in, had confirmation of receipt and never got the replacement. Thanks for stealing from me, Ace.

See. Nothing to do with an engine, and probably before you even worked there (4-5 years ago). Get over yourself, Ace was not perfect. Lots of great products, but not perfect, despite your insistence. You going on the attack because people are looking forward to greater availability is ridiculous. No one has said that they are glad you are gone, or anything bad about you at all, only that some have had better experiences with GP than Ace. There is no reason for your posts like this.
Nick Crego

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09-20-2010 06:53 AM  9 years ago


Vancouver - Canada

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I wonder if Tower will now drop Century...It's easy to find an excuse to do wrong. Hard is not to find an excuse to do right.
09-20-2010 07:07 AM  9 years ago

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Some history background from 2002

No sponsoring - I pay for what I fly
09-20-2010 07:29 AM  9 years ago
Mike Fortin

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Sorry to hear about the job loss for the folks at Ace Hobby. I wish you all the best during the tough times.Have Rotors, Will Fly!
09-20-2010 04:37 PM  9 years ago


Terre Haute, IN

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09-20-2010 04:53 PM  9 years ago


Dumont, NJ

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I guess TT sponsored pilot who fly Futaba is in a good shape. But, any TT sponsored pilots who fly Spektrum out there?
09-20-2010 06:40 PM  9 years ago



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Wish all you former Ace employees nothing but the best! Good luck to all of you.A good day flying is when you come home with everything in one piece
09-20-2010 06:41 PM  9 years ago
Rocky McCarter


apple valley california

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Well Hello to all here . As for the people that did not get great service from Ace id like to say im Sorry . Yes not everyone had great service . But has EVERYONE had great service from EVREY SERVICE encounter Id ssay no because ive had bad service .

To those that had nice words for us Thank you .
Im not here to bash anyone . But if you all only new what its like you may have just a slight bit of compasion for us .
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09-20-2010 06:49 PM  9 years ago
scott s.

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Orange, Ca.

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I wonder
If things would have been different if Aling would have listened to his people (his workers) and designed a new heli sooner than listening to Old man Taya (designer)who won a heli competion 100 years ago and hates CCPM.

Should have retired the old man to the 19th century and let him stay there.
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09-20-2010 06:50 PM  9 years ago


Vancouver - Canada

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So, let me get this straight: TT was great but fell behind. Ace tried to warn TT giving them sound advice for new products but TT took ten years to comply, while Ace struggled to keep on going.

And now that the products are finally out TT moves to another distributor.

That doesn't seem fair to me.

Farewell TT. There is no way I would even consider buying from you...
It's easy to find an excuse to do wrong. Hard is not to find an excuse to do right.
09-20-2010 07:27 PM  9 years ago

rrKey Veteran

Mt. Pleasant, Texas

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Wow, so I guess this explains why I couldn't get ACE to support our event this year after great support in the past.
09-20-2010 07:37 PM  9 years ago



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Bummer :(
Anytime a business closes it doors it is a sad day indeed. The only exception would be if the business is family owned and in order to retire and enjoy the fruits of their labor, they opt to close the doors and enjoy life.

The great american dream is somewhat based on the thought (real or imagined) that we can all be whatever we want to be, and do whatever we would like to do...just how bad do you want it and how hard are you willing to work for it...

When the economy becomes so bad that the only way to survive is for smaller business owners to get "bought out" by larger business owners, then the "dream" becomes cloudy.

Regardless of some of the thoughts expressed in this thread on both sides of fence, I do hope that all of the worker bees that relied on Ace in order to help make ends meet find other work real soon.

I have been reading quite a few threads lately in several sites whereby local hobby shops cannot make it, and the doors close. Sad to read

Good luck to all
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09-20-2010 08:28 PM  9 years ago


West Monroe, LA - USA

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Must be a "sign of the times..." Sorry to hear this...Team Pilot for RCHeliWorkz
09-21-2010 02:21 AM  9 years ago

rrKey Veteran - roseville michigan - MyPosts All  Forum  Topic


Champaign, Illinois, September 20, 2010 - Hobbico, Inc. announced today that they have been
granted the exclusive rights to distribute Thunder Tiger products in North and South America.
Thunder Tiger products will become available to hobby retailers over the coming months through
Great Planes Model Distributors®.

“Thunder Tiger products have been distributed by Ace Hobby Distributors since I purchased that
company in 1997,” said Aling Lai, Chairman of the Thunder Tiger Group, “but now Thunder Tiger
products will be available through many more retail stores and attain a larger market share. Hobbico
understands the unique needs of our customers and can provide the sales opportunities and the
services that our consumers deserve. I am looking forward to a long-term partnership with Hobbico
as it will allow us to introduce better products for radio control customers in North and South

Thunder Tiger is headquartered in Taiwan and has grown to be one of the world’s market leaders in
radio control models. Founded over 31 years ago, the company markets under the brands of Thunder
Tiger and ACE RC. They are known for their strength in the radio control helicopter segment and are
highly regarded for their expertise in RC engines, RC cars, RC airplanes and RC boats. Thunder
Tiger is currently releasing the Titan X50 eCCPM helicopter that will help them continue their
position in the performance, 50-size helicopter business where they have dominated with the Raptor
series of helicopters.

The Titan X50 helicopter and its parts will be available on September 25 in limited quantities. Other
Thunder Tiger products will become available over the next 30 days due to the transition from Ace
Hobby warehouses to Hobbico’s warehouses in Champaign, IL and Reno, NV.
“The staff at Hobbico and Ace will be working as quickly as possible to transfer inventory to
maintain the continuous supply of kits and parts”, says Ken Cutler, Sr. Vice President and General
Manager of Great Planes. “During the coming months we will also be receiving new shipments of
helicopters, parts and other Thunder Tiger products from the factory. It is our goal to quickly get
order fill rates up to the normal high standards that our dealers expect.” Great Planes dealers should
contact their sales rep for availability information.

Customer support and service for Thunder Tiger products will be handled by Hobby Services. Great
Planes’ export sales division will be handling the sales to distributors and retailers in Central and
South America.

Employee-owned since 2005, Hobbico is the world’s leading manufacturer, distributor and retailer of
model hobby products, including radio controlled models, plastic model kits, rockets, trains and other
hobby and toy products.
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09-21-2010 03:21 AM  9 years ago


Cedar Rapids, IA

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All of this is somewhat interesting.

First, I got a brand-spanking new Tower Hobbies 2011 catalog in the mail today. Other than the huge assortment of "toy" helis and the less than exciting Heli Max AXE stuff, the 2011 catalog is devoid of helicopters.

No Century helis, and no Min Air Furion.

A trip to the Tower Hobbies website shows that you can get a Cenury Hawk Pro, 50NX, or Swift kit from them (and those are available in "limited quantities" ). The Min Air Furion is listed as "In Stock".

A trip to the Hobbico website and search thereof, returns NO helicopters. Same thing with a trip over to the GP site.

Tower is GP's retail outlet. Helis have never been a priority at Tower, and apparently at GP.

Tower was marketing the "Kinetic 50" for awhile, but that seemed to have been a dud. It's gone from the site, and the catalog, too.

The remaining Century helis and the Furion get little ad space in their "Tower Talk" rags, as well. The toys are given headliner status.

Many of us remember how well (NOT!!!) GP and Tower supported the Kyosho line while they carried them, and how quickly and unceremoniously they dumped the line. Their marketing of that product line essentially amounted to selling the kits bundled with some really low-end electronics at fairly high prices.

Many were dismayed when Min Air announced that GP would be the distributor of the Furion. It didn't make sense then, and it doesn't seem to have really done them a lot of good since.

Now, we see the letter from the ACE folk telling us about the wonderful relationship they have forged with GP, and how the X50 will breathe new life into the product line.

Yes, I believe the X50 would have breathed new life into the product line. Unfortunately, with GP's dismal track record of actually marketing helicopters over the years, and their dismal record of promoting both the Century products AND Min Air Furion, this new alliance cannot bode well for a resurgence of the TT line.

Time will tell. But I'm not holding my breath for any long-term good for the Raptor out of this new alliance.


It's common knowledge that for quite awhile the Phoenix Simulator was distributed by GP. But oddly enough, you could never buy it unless you went factory direct to England. GP did a great job to surpress Phoenix sales. In spite of that effort, Phoenix was known through word of mouth, and I believe finally got some great backing when Horizon finally got hold of the distributorship. GP often seems to slurp up manufacturers only to kill them off quietly when no one is looking.

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Team Heliproz
09-21-2010 03:51 AM  9 years ago
hornet dave

rrKey Veteran

Cedar Rapids, IA USA

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Right now, i'm thinking the smart money will be selling their raptors. fast.I got a fever! The only prescription is MORE 6HV
09-21-2010 03:59 AM  9 years ago



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Ace Hobby closing
Im sure TT will keep pumping new helis out and If GP will not push them you will see another step up to take over TT is to big to let it all go down ...
There is nothing in this world constant, but inconsistency.
09-21-2010 04:00 AM  9 years ago


Cookeville, TN

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Too much family in a business is not a good thing. Second generation owners kill off more businesses than taxes can.

I'm sure some of the Ace management will land at GP, rumor has it they've been trying to hire a few of them for a while so we'll see how that works. Don't know any of them well enough to know if they would like living in the cold midwest after living in Socal. I guess there aren't that many hobby jobs in Socal to choose from so you go where you need to go.

I prefer to let this play out and see what happens. It should make for great theater.

09-21-2010 04:33 AM  9 years ago



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I agree with dkshema.

I think Great Planes will do little to none to market/advertise Thunder Tiger products. They are now the distributors, and they will do just that, distribute. It's not their product and they have their own helicopter line to worry about (Heli-max).

The way they think I guess is that it's the manufacturer's responsibility to market their products. As distributors, their only responsibility is to make it readily available to the local hobby shops under them and to the public. This kinda makes sense if you look at it from Great Planes' point of view.

The beauty of Ace Hobby (sadly then) is that they are directly related to Thunder Tiger in which they have to promote it to make their sales. This is partly how the public in the US at least is kept aware of the Thunder Tiger brand. I think Ace Hobby made a great job in making everybody aware that the X50 is coming. Do you see Great Planes making the same moves?

It now all depends on how Thunder Tiger, the manufacturer, will promote and market their products or what arrangement they have with Great Planes in terms of advertising. I think Thunder Tiger is a great brand. I just hope both don't just rely on word of mouth to spread its name.
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09-21-2010 05:21 AM  9 years ago


New Zealand

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Right now, i'm thinking the smart money will be selling their raptors. fast.
Well IMHO that's dumb.
It's a change in distribution. And only in the US? No one else is affected? Are they?
Looks to me like nothing other than TT cutting some expense and handing the distribution over to an independent US company rather than doing it themselves? Don’t see why that would make me want to run out and sell my Raptors & X50.
Whilst I fell badly for the Ace staff who have been impacted by the closure is would seem to be that your statement is a little OTT?
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