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09-04-2010 06:54 PM  10 years ago
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Vancouver, Canada

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50' Heavy Duty Complete Aerial Mast Setup For Sale

If your here you might be interested in purchasing this custom built aerial photography mast that was custom built to satisfy a need for low level high quality aerial platform that could support a wide range of camera equipment. This mast is only 2 years old and in new condition. It has never spent a day outside in the rain and is always stored inside in an air conditioned garage under lock and key.

The mast was built by Austin Metal Fabricators in Burnaby at a cost $12,500 and designed in AutoCAD to hold larger than normal payloads. It has been used part time for the last two years and my current workload prevents me from using this great mast so I must part with it and I’m hoping someone can put this workhorse to good use.

The customized trailer has welded supports that hold the heavy duty pivot mechanism that clamps the lower mast section. The rear trailer bed is covered with aluminum checker plate and can have many custom containers added for storage if your needs call for it. The trailers frame has 3 levelling jack and bubble levels that allow the operator to set the mast plum within seconds. The jacks can be hand rotated or you can install the supplied chuck in a cordless drill to make the work effortless. The hitch is a standard 1 15/16 ball and the trailer weighs in around 600lbs. You can tow it with anything and when you’re on location it can easily be uncoupled and rolled by hand. The rear lights are standard with a flat 4 pole plug.

The mast is balanced on the pivot point and rotates easily with 5-10 lbs of pressure on the base. It has a locking bolt at the centerline base of the trailer to secure the mast in the upright position. The rechargeable power supply is attached to the upright supports of the mast and also houses the wiring for the remote controller and the connection for the winch.

The masthead section can be completely disassembled for maintenance and any section can be disconnected to increase the top load but reduce the height. The masthead camera module has a lot packed into the small control box. There is a URBI servo controller that adjusts the pan and tilt for the camera mount as well as the camera zoom and shutter. The URBI controller connects directly with the Futuba transmitter and everything is controlled using a Futuba 7C receiver. The masthead module has a 2.4 GHz video transmitter built in that transmits the live feed of the camera viewport. The Camera is a Canon G9 with their wide angle converter lens which has won many awards and is a favourite on many aerial photographers.

I you’re looking for just the mast I will sell it separately for $1000 less.

Electronics have built in digital voltage regulators that allow everything to run on 12VDC so charging is simple and easy and I have many spare batteries to go with the equipment.

I’m asking for $7800 for the whole setup obo.

Send me an email or give me a call if you have any questions 778-231-7853


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Home✈️Aircraft🚁HelicopterAerial Photography and Video › 50' Heavy Duty Complete Aerial Mast Setup For Sale

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