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London, Ontario-canada

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*skip to last paragraph for repair info without the boring preamble*

I had what I thought was a bad one way bearing a few weeks back and it left my 700 sitting on the shelf because I couldn't dish out the nearly 100$ for a new one way bearing. I did some reading and found I was not the first one to have troubles.

I decided to take the one way apart and what I found was quite interesting. Inside the aluminum hub that the main gear bolts onto is the one way bearing. It is a set of hardend steel dogs with a spring holding them together. Looking at the design its very unlikely that you would be able to damage the dogs under normal flying (even hard 3d) However the dogs sit inside a hardend steel race which sits inside the aluminum hub. The steel race is 'glued' to the aluminum so as no to spin inside it. I found mine had come un-glued and the race was spinning inside the hub. I gathered up my green loktite (the r48 stuff that comes with the kit) some rubbing alcohol and a few q-tips.

Begin the repair by thouroughly cleaning the outside of the steel race and the inside of the aluminum hub. Once done apply a thin layer of the r48 to the entire outside of the steel race. Press the race back into the hub ensuring it is straight and completely seated in the hub. Use a q-tip to remove any r48 that squeezes out especially around the bearing in the bottom of the hub. Let cure over night and return to flying.

I have been flying my 700 very hard with no issues since this repair.

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Long Island, N.Y.

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Good find and good info. You're not the only one to have this happen.

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HomeAircraftHelicopterAlignT-REX 700N › One way bearing woes fixed
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