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08-14-2010 11:30 PM  8 years agoPost 1

rrElite Veteran

Greenwich, CT

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I have now transitioned to forward flight. left banking turns, right banking turns - all okay. Nose in hover still a bit shakey. My problem is when flying a pattern i am having difficulty keeping level fight through the turns and constant speed. I keep speeding up out of the turns.

Question - how should I make the turns so I do not climb or descend while in the turn and how do I control the exit speed without sinking?

My head speed is 1800 in idle 1. It's a Trex 600NP.


08-15-2010 12:04 AM  8 years agoPost 2

rrKey Veteran

Killeen, TX

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1: bank to desired angle, adding collective to maintain altitude

2: simultaneously give back elevator, and rudder in the direction of the turn. balance the two to keep the nose level.

3: as you come around to new heading, ease off rudder and elevator and roll back level (all at once) fiddle collective and elevator to maintain speed and altitude.

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08-15-2010 02:54 AM  8 years agoPost 3


San Diego, CA

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You definately need to work the collective a lot. You will be amazed how how much collective you really use throughout all types of flying. It sounds like you need to go down a touch with your collective in your turns...

08-15-2010 12:10 PM  8 years agoPost 4


Melbourne, FL - U.S.A.

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I have just started FFF this year, and one thing I find when I gain too much speed on exit is I some times have the tail too high as it goes through the bank. When I back off the rudder (not using too much) as it enters the turn I can keep the heli more level and not have so much forward speed then on exit.

Gravity is what makes flying so much fun!

08-15-2010 04:50 PM  8 years agoPost 5

rrElite Veteran

E. Amherst, NY

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Try more bank turn angle with less rudder but more aileron input to get into knife edge turn. The energy from the FFF will be used for sustaining the lift while doing knife edge turn, and thus it maintains levelling. Your heli will lose levelling and gain altitude if you apply more rudder but less aileron input.

As you are beyond hovering, your headspeed is not high enough. I would suggest you pump it up to 1950rpm and fly in idle up mode.

08-15-2010 05:53 PM  8 years agoPost 6



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Read my username, I'm serious about me being a rookie but:

You're saying that one of your problems is to maintain constant speed. ShuRugal has some important points.

Remember that the tilt of the rotor disc determins the _acceleration_ of the heli. Look at the tilting mast and disregard the fuselage for a brief moment here. In a turn, you want the _mast_ to accelerate in a new horizontal direction. Wherever the mast goes, the rest of the heli will follow Work on precise tilt direction, keeping in mind how it affects acceleration. Use the cyclic for all it's worth, back, forward, sideways, to keep the mast tilted into the turn. As the heli starts to move in the new direction, you need to use rudder to keep the fuselage on a nice track throughout the turn. Too little or too much rudder and the fuselage will slip/skip in the turn.

When you exit the turn at a greater speed, that would be because the tilt angle of the rotor disc caused a too great acceleration for too long in the new direction. Reduce the tilt. Remember also that flying is always about balance, even in bank turns. Balance the tilt constantly, be aware of the tilt angle at all times. When you notice the heli picks up speed in any direction, tilt the disc in the opposite direction of the acceleration to lower the acceleration, and if necessary reducing velocity.

Of course, you will also need to manage collective here as the lift vector is constantly changing. Adding/lowering collective will in turn affect horizontal acceleration when the disc is tilted, so cyclic, rudder and collective must be balanced in harmony. Then again, that's what it's about, isn't it? Balance.

Head speed, it shouldn't be an issue as long as the heli is operating in the safe range.

(I think... )

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