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Four Stroker

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Since FAI flyers didn't want to crash or have sagging voltage during a flight or a particular maneuver, they used to use a 6 cell NiCD pack and a, say 5.3 volt, regulator. If one cell died, they kept on going. One guy used 4 cells packs forever because he knew the regulators were crap - back then.

Now with 2 cell LiPo and LiFe packs, if one cell dies, you take a dirt nap.

I have a shinny new regulator with a 40A MOSFET on the output. This has the advantage that on 3.6 volts in, it acts like a switch and puts out 3.6 volts.

But if I put an A123 pack in and loose a cell, I still take a dirt nap since the critical voltage of digital servos is about 3.2 volts!

So what are you guys with $5K contest birds doing for power ?

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xxcysxxrrKey Veteran - Baltimore, MD - USA - My Posts: All  Forum  Topic

my bird dont cost $5k, but i do appreciate reliability.
i buy them in loose cells and solder them together myself. because nobody assemble my batteries like the way i do.
the below setup is just plug and play, it doesn't get any simplier than this.

this is a 5000mah NiMh 6v pack, i also made a voltage stepdown by using two epoxy diode soldered in series for the tail servo. the diode is the 3amp kind from radio shack. the main wire is 16 gauge from the battery to the dean, and 16gauge from the dean then split into two 20gauge feeder lines into the receiver for redundancy. wires are silicone jacketed, high strand count.


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I've had good success with the Jomar products battery backer. You plug in two packs and it will switch to the backup if the main one dies or sags.

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The emcotec dpsi
gives me aircraft quality 7.4 regulated, steps down to 5.9 for my
receiver, and dual pack redundancy, with industrial
grade components. It is the most reliable I have ever used,
and on all my aircraft for over 6 years and flawless.


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Richmond, VA, USA

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Fromeco single output Sahara reg @ six volts with a step-down for the t/r servo.

2600 mah LiION battery.

I've used this set up for the better part of three seasons. It has been flawless. As your cell phone battery will prove, LiION's RARELY just up and die. The pack in my Eagle warned me at the Nats is needed replacing. No crash, no drama, just a slightly lower peak voltage off charge. Easy swap-out for a new $28 battery from Central Hobbies or Troy Built Models.

If I weren't using this set up, I'd use a LiFE.

Ben Minor

Peak Aircraft/Team Minicopter Team Futaba Team Kontronik USA

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Four Stroker

rrElite Veteran


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I have a Fromeco Sahara that I was going to run at 5.4V for all. I was behind the times and missed the new Super LDO regulators. I trust them.

I am trying to decide what to put in front of it. The Sahara will actually run on 3.6V so I guess a dead cell in a LiIo won't crash you. The LiFe is another story.

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