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Brampton, Ontario, Canada

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i recently bought a dx6i and i dont know what these things mean..i know the rest..

swash mix
travel adjust
revo mix
throttle curve
pitch curve

please i need info on all of simple english ofcourse.

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Jacksonville FL

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Travel adjust lets you adjust the throw of an idividual servo.

Swash mix is travel adjust but for a whole function. Aileron takes two servos so instead of adjusting the travel adjust for each servo you would leave them at 100/100 and set the AIL swash mix for your total throw. Same with elevator (3 servos) and collective (3 servos as well)

REVO mix is for non heading hold gyros, you'll probably never use it.

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rrKey Veteran

Sioux City, IA

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Didnt it come with a manual?

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rrElite Veteran

New York

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Throttle Hold: This is the mode that you "flip" into when you want to perform an autorotation. This mode should be set so that when activated, it will bring your engine or motor down to an idle while offering you a pitch range to auto safely. You can also use this as a safety measure when you're near the machine and you want to avoid having any chance of hitting the throttle stick and spooling up.

Normal: This is to spool up and basic hover mode. You always start up your helicopter in this mode. This curve should give a good balance between power and pitch. You can set a curve that will give great power throughout the full pitch range. Most pilots switch out of this mode once they're up and hovering.

Idle/Stunt 1: This is the mode that most pilots fly in. It offers a "V" curve which allows you to have 100% throttle at both high and low stick. This mode is used for when you get into inverted flight. Most guys also set up this mode for a higher RPM for aerobatic/3D flying.

Idle/Stunt 2: Same as idle/stunt 1, but can be set up with even another head speed if you'd like. I generally have my idle/stunt 2 set at a higher RPM.


Throttle Hold Mode: This curve is the same as both of my idle/stunt 1 and idle/stunt 2 curves. It offers me full range from -12 to +12 on my blades, but it will work with the throttle curve so that you still have full range, yet you will be at an idle engine setting.

Normal: This is the pitch range that you will be running in flight mode "normal". Some pilots use -4 degrees at low stick and full pitch at high stick. I use a full pitch range. Again, I just use this mode for spool up and nothing more.

Idle/Stunt 1: This curve should be a linear line from 0-100. This will offer you the full pitch range that the machine is set up for. This is a must have set up for any aerobatic or 3D flying.

Idle/Stunt 2: Should be the exact same setup as idle/stunt 1. Pitch shouldn't change.

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HomeAircraftHelicopterBeginners Corner › what do these things mean?
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