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rrKey Veteran

Ottawa, Canada

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A few days ago, my HBK missed Inolabs 202 servo, which were bought almost for it. Servos gone to G5 - btw, overall, seems better then HS65MG. At least less slope. I guess I need to sell 65MGs and buy Inolabs one more time specifically for HBK. Not everyone like Inolabs, but they work for me. Btw, heard good words of Airtronics.

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rrKey Veteran

Aiken, SC USA

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Airtronics are supposed to be THE S#IT for servos. Dunno though. Never used one.

HS65MGs will sell FAST in the classifieds. I bought mine used MONTHS ago and they sold in less than an hour for only $5 less than I paid.

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