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Winchester, VA

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Raptor 50, AR7000 rx, DX7 tx, Gyro sens set to auto, rate at 75% for 0/1, Flight mode Norm 1, stnt 1, hold1. when I switch from norm to stnt 1 or 2 the gyro switches to rate mode. Since the values are set to 75 for both I don't understand why it comes out of heading hold and goes to rate mode. For the Spektrum radio it's my understanding that above 50% it is supposed to be in heading hold. If I set the value for say 0 at 25% and change the norm flight mode to a 0 I can boot the heli up in stunt 1 and get it to come up in heading hold, but when I switch to norm and start the heli it is in rate mode. Then I can just toggle it to heading hold in stunt 1 or 2. I'd like for it to stay in heading hold all the time.

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Lahaina, Hawaii - United States

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A question for you. What gyro are you using in your Raptor 50?

Here is how I have my setup.

In the System Setup Mode, under the Input Select menu I have Gear set to Gear.

The reason I have this set up this way is that I use the gear channel to set the gain and not the Gyro Sens menu.

With the gear channel used for gain, I can use 0 to 100 and not worry whether below 50 is rate mode and above 50 is heading hold. All I do is flip the gear switch.
I'd like for it to stay in heading hold all the time.
So for my heli, when the gear switch is on the + side (away from me) it is heading hold and when the switch is on the - side (toward me) it is rate mode.

I keep the gear switch away from me in all flight modes so my heli is in heading hold all the time.

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tclocs, It is generally considered bad form to post the same question on multiple forums, for example, here and in the JR forum. The answer you got for george0079 in the JR forum is likely correct.

The indicator light on the 401 (you mentioned there, but not here) - ON solid means heading hold, OFF solid means rate mode and flashing means it is receiving rudder input. The reason it thinks you are giving rudder input is that your trims are different in the different flight modes. They should be set at zero in all flight modes and you should be fine.

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