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05-01-2010 05:31 AM  8 years agoPost 1


Lake Villa IL

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I'm not so confident when taking my Helli up very high. I've been looking into a autopilot system or copilot of some sort that I can flip a switch to help assist me when I want to go to high altitudes. I have found copilot 2, helicomand, gyrobot 900, d.j.i autopilot, micropilot, unav, carvec to mention a few. I'm not sure where to find people that sell these other than e-bay. What would be a decent one for the money and is there any available from $200- $400. Also do people really use these or are the more of a gimmick with a lot of issues? I have searched Runryder under the classifieds and aerial photography with no luck. any help appreciated and hope I'm posting this in the right place. Just to clarify what I'm looking to do is fly, flip and hover also forward flight without it on then when I want to go high I would like something to give me peace of mind in case I get disoriented far away or high up. My Helli is a Hirobo evo 50 and I'm using spektrum dx7 transmitter if that matters. thanks again.

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What's up Birds of pray
I've been flying for 7 years and I have never know anyone to use those copilots. I did know some one who put one of those two direction gyros for the large planes on his cyclic controls. It malfunctioned and slammed it into the ground during hover one day.

I flew an evo for years and I have become disoriented more than a few time at high altitude. The first and most useful advise I can give is paint your canopy in a two tone bright color. I used canary yellow and cherry red. The next is make pirouettes often they will help you figure out if you are facing the way you thought you were.

Other than that just stay out of the sun and be wary of cloudy days.

If you decide to try one make sure to post your experience for the next guy.

05-02-2010 07:29 PM  8 years agoPost 3



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I have no experience with the Skokum or the Gaui stabilizers, but i do with Helicommand.
I suppose it will be closer to 400$ an HC 3D model but it works.
The Gyrobot 7-900 is a newer generation device so it might be the best but it's a lot more expensive.
There is also the V-Bar from Mikado wich could be in your price range.
Copilot will not work well for aerobatic flight though it is probably the least expensive but it's not an inertial device, and that's what you need, some gyro/accelerometer based device.
Read all you can on RR and other forums about all the stabilizers and it will make it easier for ou to decide what's best for you.
There is a lot of info about the subject.

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Fresno, ca usa

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they have a helivideo clip doing rolls and loops with cp II. Check it out.

07-30-2010 09:58 PM  8 years agoPost 5



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i have the co-pilot2 on my exi 450 n it works great and you can learn orientations with it great and it has 3d mode so you can go inverted n if you loose it it will bring back level either inverted or right side up its great IMO its 209.99 if you get the combo3 which i recommend go to

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HomeAircraftHelicopterFPV First Person View UAS Unmanned Aircraft Systems › Need advice please auto pilot or similar
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