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04-29-2010 10:45 PM  8 years agoPost 1



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I just tried to buy a big scale plane from RICHMODELS (Long EZ 160) on AK Models Website. This was for an FPV project i have, this model is very big, stable, and uses pusher prop... I also have a 260PU from zenoah unused, so this was a chance to make this engine working...

I paid it with international VISA Premier Card via Paypal direct procedure.

Payment was accepted and credited to the seller (I checked my account)

Two weeks later, without any news from them, i wrote a message for having informations about tracking, because sometimes custom services are holding packages in custom area and you might have to go and see them for paying importing taxes.

Here is the answer they gave to me :

We have canceled your order due to suspicion of fraud.
All international orders have to be paid by

Or you can scan and e-mail us images of your card front and back along with
your personal identification.

Thank you.

AK Models Inc.
Balsa Wood Inc.
3305 HWY 1 SW
Iowa City, IA 52240";

So i asked them why they do not checked my card or payment, because in France, we are not able to use credit cards (illegal). We only can use payment cards, so it suppose that you do have the money when you are paying something, and the account balance is verified at any transaction.

I asked them if they where smoking weed or what, nobody is cancelling a sell without any checking...

I would never make a full copy of my card and send them. That's like a blank check without amount. And this is not acceptable at all, you can be sure of that. Nobody is asking it. Only stealers are interested by those informations...

Also, if they had called Visa, they would have told them that my card is not a false one, even if the ending number is 6666 (I did not make it, they provide it to me as is).

This is what they answered to me :

" Yes, we are smoking weed. Thank you. "

So be aware of this company. They are not commercial at all, and looks really weird...

I also made a complaint to Richmodels builder and send them a copy of my message. I will tell here what they will answer to me soon...

Almost all models on this website are from this chinese company.

If you had some experience like this, just tell me...

Pour tous les français : Passez juste votre chemin, ces gens sont non seulement très cons, mais anti commerciaux au possible. Il suffit juste de passer sa commande chez un véritable revendeur sérieux. A fuir absolument.

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04-29-2010 10:58 PM  8 years agoPost 2


Traveling the USA

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I would never make a full copy of my card and send them.
Well, unfortunately, then there is no proof you have the card in your possession along with your id then. When you go into a store any store, you can be requested to show your card and your id to verify you are the owner of the card, no different in this case just its electronic. It is not like a blank check, you gave your identification over the internet so what is the difference?

And asking them if they smoked weed for verifying your indentity? Yes, that sounds very professional, no wonder they blew you off.

I used to work in a store that dealt with international people and we did the same thing. The one time we didn't verify we got bent over and.... well you know. I have to say if you don't feel comfortable doing transactions over the net or phone, maybe you should look into a LHS to fit your needs.

05-15-2010 11:39 PM  8 years agoPost 3



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They did return your money though right?

06-27-2010 07:52 AM  8 years agoPost 4



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If you really were working in such job....
@rappytappy : I don't know if you are wrong or right but i can say something about your comments. Maybe they did not tried to hold you in place, just because of that ?

I know, i know it's crappy, but either you and your employer founded this was a good idea you leave, and so for any reason...

Maybe you did not noticed that we, french, are not autorised to use "credit cards". So our bank rules are strict, if you have the money, you can buy, if you don't you just can't. Ther is a big difference between american cards that also have a mounth delay for the account to be balanced. We have an immediate check, and balance is instatly done.

So if the seller would have not ignored this and tried to present its sells without doubting or just cancelling without a note the order, he would have been paid. Accusing me to a fraud attempt without having just tried to make the transaction is just stupid, as to answer to your unsatisfied customer that he is smoking weed...

You are trying to justify something that is not justifiable...

@DKNGUYEN : No, i do not have too. This was canceled, so it just go an return by the same time. but i also have to pay for the money conversion, so it costed me at least... Just forget this seller from french customers, he is juste strange... After all this time, he sent me a mail to know how the crysis has afected us ? Very weird man....

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06-28-2010 04:37 AM  8 years agoPost 5


Ulster County, NY

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international fraud
The issue is not whether you use a credit card or what we call a debit card (draws from a bank account with money) but the extremely high amount of international fraud with cards in general. It is not whether you have money but whether you are the actual owner of the card or a person of good intent. Most people are of good intent but there are a few bad actors.

The normal credit checking used in the US is separate from the systems used in other counties. So the ability to tell if a card is even reported stolen does not exist internationally in general. Even the address of a holder of a foreign card cannot be verified. Hopefully this will change. Also if someone internationally reports a bad purchase even if they got the goods there is not any recourse for the seller he just loses the money. Some companies that have a actual presence in many countries can deal with this since they are tied into the local systems in each country. But most hobby businesses are small and exist in only their home country. This is a problem that a few bad people who exploit such holes in the systems between countries. There have been some businesses that have gone bankrupt due to high international fraud and poor risk management on such orders.

So even though you use a debit card and have money in the bank it does not reduce apparent risk to the seller. Pay Pal does reduce risk so this is why most groups ask for this or a similar service for international shipments.

As to how the company dealt with it this is another matter. Customers should be treated with respect. But most there are frequent attempts to use fraudulent cards and it is hard to tell who is good and not. When I am asked to use PayPal or wire transfer for a international order to Europe I comply because I know why they need to do this. It is a unfortunate reality that must be dealt with.

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09-18-2010 02:44 PM  8 years agoPost 6


South Africa, Cape Town

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Why don't you have PayPal ?
Just makes overseas purchases so much easier.....

I live in Africa, someone pays ME with a credit card, he better be prepared to wait a looong time before I post the goods, to make sure the money is in my name, and can't be reversed.
Can you spell "Nigeria" ?


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