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04-29-2010 07:03 PM  8 years agoPost 1


South Coast - UK

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Please can I have some advice.

I have got an Eflite Blade SR, and while flying it last night, I landed it in some tall grass and it toppled over. I thought to myself that there couldn't be anything wrong, but when I spun it up again it shook like crazy.
I initially tried to realign the blades, but one was so much higher (when spinning) than the other that no amount of tinkering would get them level.
At this point I replaced the blades with a new set, and they are level
The only problem is there is still a strong vibration present when starting up and flying.

I appreciate there must be thousands of pages devoted to this on Runryder, but although I have spent approx 1 hour searching, 'A' I am not sure what to look for, and 'B' a lot of the help I looked at I couldn't relate it to the Blade SR.

Please can someone help, I guess we were all newbies at some point.


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04-29-2010 07:46 PM  8 years agoPost 2

rrElite Veteran

Tucson , AZ

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99.9% of the time when I have a blade strike, I have bent the main shaft. It doesn't take hardly much to tweak it and cause vibration. I always keep some around and if it is anything more than a very minor strike, I just change it.

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04-29-2010 09:53 PM  8 years agoPost 3


Akron ohio Usa

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I second that prolly bent shaft,iv bent them on my 500 no damage to the blades they bend easy.Rich

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05-03-2010 01:53 AM  8 years agoPost 4



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If it has a feathering spindle check that too. you said one blade is spinning higher than the other. Tracking may have changed.

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05-03-2010 08:23 PM  8 years agoPost 5


South Dakota

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My buddies did the same thing...The swashplate became seprated easy to fix just make sure to check that there is not a big gap between the two halfs, they should snap back together. Check both spindle's and make sure the servo's are working correct.

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HomeAircraftHelicopterBeginners Corner › Blade SR Heli shakes
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