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Can anyone give me info on setting up a Spartan Quark gyro on a new JR 9503? I'm not sure how to setup the radio. I remember years ago you had to hover in normal Rate Mode to trim, them switch to idleup for AVCS mode. I read the manual, but i'm confused on setting up the % of endpoints and the initial gain settings in the radio to get both standard Rate mode and AVCS mode. Would this be done by using the Auto gain setting in the radio menu. The last gyro i used was a Futaba GY501. Some basic radio starting points would be very helpful! My last question, on the three leads coming off the gyro one red, one black for rudder output, and one for the tail servo. To which lead would i place my 5.2v stepdown for the tail servo? Would it be the black rudder output lead?


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As far as the step down if it is the align or similar just put in line after the gyro to the servo if you are making your own then I am not sure. On the jr radio go to the gyro setting and set it up there, ATV's or endpoints will not work if you use the gyro setting just remember that 0 to 49% (may be 0 to 50 not 100% sure but you get the idea)is normal mode and 50 to 100% is heading hold so if you set the gyro gain to 75% the gyro is at 50%HH and 80% would make it about 60%HH etc. I just set up my gy520 and it said to just center the tail so that you get good travel both directions and I dont fly in normal mode anyway so this is how I set it up. You will get people that say to set it up in normal first because it will be better for the servo or make it work less but I dont buy it the servo is constantly moving all the time and it is not trying to always go back to center so why would it help to set up the tail in normal mode but you can do it that way if you want. As for starting values on the gyro I would set it to about 75 (50%HH) and lift off then adjust it until you get it to where you want it just before the tail wags. Hope this helps a little bit.

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HomeRC & PowerAircraftHelicopterRadio - Servo - Gyro - Gov - Batt › Spartan Gyro set up help needed!
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