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04-03-2010 08:40 PM  10 years ago
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Engine stop on pich pumping.
Today I had another flight ending in autorotation. Luckily, the heli was high enough and I had no damage.
How it happened? Well I just give pitch pumping commands for almost one minute until the engine just quit. The engine is a Novarossi 57. I indicate some background details:
- engine has the original carburettor (two needles for slow and high speed).
- governor used Aerospire MultiGovPro with settings 2050RPM, 110C, low throttle percent 20%
- idle speed throttle value was 16% (with 0% fully closed). The idle was nice and stable. Adjusting the idle might take time, but practicing as indicated in the manual you can fix it just right.
- I tested the glow plug right after the incident and it seems to work properly. It is a novarossi delivered with the engine.
- If of any help the temperature outside was around 9 deg. It was also high humidity and almost raining.
- The engine did not sound as if run lean, I think.

In my opinion this can happen to any engine, not necessary to NR57.

So, why the engine stopped after such treatment?

Best regards, Bogdan
04-04-2010 07:45 AM  10 years ago


Tauranga, New Zealand

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Was engine Hot or Cold when it came down?
Some thoughts:
Firstly i'd check your clunk and fuel pickup, pitch pumping may cause it to splash fuel around, suck bubbles, lean out, and quit, when the tank gets to a lower fuel leve.
Secondly I would check it isn't running too lean on the High and Mid range jet, Come off the pitch and listen for raspyness, during pitch pumping (a whole minute of it) it might be heating up and eventually getting too hot to run properly,
Thirdly it could be the other way, that you are too rich on the mid range, and after bogging the RPM right down, you are flooding the engine and causing it to quit like that....

No expert but Ive had all 3 problems before while starting out haha..

Cheers - Josh
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04-04-2010 06:18 PM  10 years ago


Bay Village, OH

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I think it might be a little lean. Pitch pumping=engine transitioning. If it doesnt have enough fuel to transition from low to high then it could die.Chris. AMA 497715 IRCHA 3351
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HomeRC & Power✈️Aircraft🚁HelicopterEngines Plugs Mufflers Fuel › Engine stop on pich pumping.

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