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04-03-2010 04:51 AM  10 years ago
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Deering NH

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Hobby King News
Got to Waite some more now Bummer.

Dear Customer,
Last weekend we moved our entire inventory, computer system and staff to a new warehouse location.
The new warehouse is much larger and will help us to increase stock variety and volume as well as enable us to hire more staff to ship your orders out faster.
Unfortunately the warehouse move took us 4 days to complete and therefore we are now behind in dispatching orders.
If you have an order that is still processing, please do not be concerned. We will ship it out as soon as possible.

We are now shipping orders and hope to be within 48hr dispatch times again soon.
If you have an order processing now, it will ship within the next few days.
If you place an order now, it will be shipped within 4-5 days.

Thanks for your patience and understanding.

Everyone at
04-03-2010 04:57 AM  10 years ago
Justin Stuart (RIP)


Plano, Texas

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Saving money on lipos is worth the wait.Avant RC
Scorpion Power Systems
Thunder Power RC
Kontronik Drives
04-03-2010 05:26 AM  10 years ago

rrKey Veteran

Mustang, OK

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Lol...Jarrett Watson
04-03-2010 12:43 PM  10 years ago



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HobbyKing's warehouse is located in the suburb of Shatin, Hong Kong.
We have 37 people employed primarily to process HobbyKing online orders. Over 19 Warehouse staff, 6 Customer Service Staff plus various admin/office employees.
Our main warehouse space is currently 19,350sqFt, with a seperate office and administration area.
We utilise online ordering, RFID and Barcode warehouseing, postal tracking systems and real time payment and order tracking. Our online system means customers can view the status of their account and check parcel delivery status, stock information and modify orders much easier than convential backend systems would allow.

It looks to me that considering their order intake to employees they do a good job.It has to be somewhat overwhelming at times.
I love the smell of nitro in the morning..
04-03-2010 01:15 PM  10 years ago



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It looks to me that considering their order intake to employees they do a good job.It has to be somewhat overwhelming at times.
Decision making framework time........


that means hire more people and better quality control for dead cell packs=your advertised order output time=happier customers=MORE orders and the disease will spread!

Now, I have never had a bad order...but a recent one took 7 days to process.

Understandable for the moving. And its Easter weekend, so I will forgive
Highly Medicated for your protection......
04-03-2010 05:13 PM  10 years ago


Thousand Oaks, CA

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I had a dead cell arrive with my order I got last week. Bummer as its a 60 dollar battery. Also took 5 days for them to process the order.
Sucked waiting 2 weeks for a battery that was clearly puffed and dead on arrival.
One more QA check before shipping, a guy with a cell checker just to verify its good before packaging would be good.
I still love hobbyking and only have had one bad part from them.
04-03-2010 05:32 PM  10 years ago

rrElite Veteran

Portland Tx

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I bought a 92 dollar battery and have one weak cell. It came that way. I didnt want to go through the hassel of warranty. The cell never gets above 3.8 so i still use the battery but i know its not good. Ive also bought 6 other batteries from them that are spot on. You win some and lose some.

Plus 1 for better quality assurance.
04-03-2010 09:28 PM  10 years ago


East. Liverpool, Ohio

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The only thing I got bad from HK was a speed contol that died after 60 flights. Not too bad for 3 helie kits, batteries, servos, etc.
04-04-2010 03:15 AM  10 years ago

rrKey Veteran

Peoria, Az.

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12 days here since I placed my order. Still in "processing" status. Really tired of waiting. I guess price isn't everything.
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