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04-02-2010 02:20 PM  10 years ago
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Alberta Canada

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2 Trex 450 SEs and all the gear!
Hi heli fans

I am thinking of getting out of the hobby but only will sell if it is all taken in one chunk as what is the point of having parts without helis etc...So absolutely NO piecemeal deals period

Having said that I Have 2 TREX SEs for sale with all my heli gear and spare parts...No junk period and there is not one thing wrong with anything and both helis are in ready to fly shape NOW too...

One heli has a ALIGN motor and one heli has a NEU motor... both Brushless with Kontronic Jazz BECs, One heli has a Micro Heli Swash and the other has a Align swash..Both work perfectly...The helis have Hitec servos and digital tail servos, GY 401 Gyros, JR Receivers, deans antennas, Micro Heli main gears and bearings and Gorilla landing gear

Also with my helis goes my Charging station. I could not stand all the wires all over the place and totally organised it into one portable rig that you can take to the field and have an instant table and charge your batteries 18 times or more on the Yelow top gell cell battery (300.00 it was) in it's bottom...In this rig there are 2 Duratrax Ice Chargers and 1 Polycharge 4 battery charger...You can charge 3 batteries at once no problem off the gel cell!...Then it has a Bulldog AC 12Volt high amp power supply so if you are near power you can run all the chargers off AC power and once again it is powerfull enough to run all the chargers at once No Problem at all...Included is a Thunder Power battery balancer as well...

The radio for the helis is a JR 9303 with 3 batteries...The original, 1650 and 2700 mah for lots of ON time

The batteries for the helis are
5 - Thunderpower 2100 4s

The rest of things included (parts etc)
4 HS 65HB Carbonite servos (in box)
1 S9650 digital tail servo (in box)
Blade balancer
2 ball joint pliers
1 ball joint reamer
Lots of links and ends
Flow Bee Blade tac
2 rotar pitch gages
Reflex XTR and dongle (works great with 9303)
2 spare canopies
1 spare deans antenna
3 tail belts
1 Align swash
2 flybars
1 spare gorilla gear
8 sets of main wood blades
2 sets of main carbon fiber blades
1 set of night blades and charger
5 sets of paddles 4 of which are neon coloed and weight addable
3 main shafts
3 sets of tail fins 1 carbon fiber
5 tail cross wings
3 vertical tail fins
2 tail support rods
3 feathering shafts
2 Align main gears
2 Microheli main gears (in bag still) One with bearing
5 tail booms
Extra motor pinions and pinion puller

Well here are some picture of it all
You can write me at
if you are interested...Thanks

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04-02-2010 04:04 PM  10 years ago


Birmingham, AL

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wow that's one helluva setup.
04-03-2010 02:51 AM  10 years ago


Alberta Canada

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Thanks for the reply!

I couldn't stand Wires all over the place for charging!
I like things organised

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Home🏬 Classifieds✈️Aircraft🚁Helicopter🏬e-Classifieds - Elec Helicopters Sold  2 Trex 450 SEs and all the gear!

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