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04-01-2010 11:13 PM  10 years ago
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Flyer suggestions
Does anyone use them for marketing? I have a good quality color lazer printer and I'm only looking for a few dozen to start. Are there any templates or something out there I could modify? I'd rather not dump a ton of money into printing costs on an experiment.
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I'm about to print up some flyers.. single page.. I think though that I will use most my prints as direct mailers. I'm not sure how a stand alone flyer would work besides putting them up on posting boards at some establishments. hard to say.. I think they need to really get where you want them to go.. more direct..

Anyone have any good experience with flyers?

Regarding design.. you can use anything... really MS word, Photoshop, Illustrator.. etc.. Just make sure your Images are 300 DPI so they print nicely.

I use Adobe InDesign.. love InDesign..

Just Google Flyer Templates or whatnot... plenty around.. here is a link with some more info..

Good Luck!
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