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03-31-2010 10:29 PM  10 years ago
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Boring Oregon

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What I have to trade out is the following in looking for a 500 class heli.

Align Trex 450 SE. V2 Carbon edition and it is equiped with the following.

Hitech HS65 MG Servos on the cyclics
Futaba S9257 on the tail
Step down regulator on tail servo
Futaba 401 Gyro
Spektrum 6200 top loader RX
CC. 10 amp BEC you can program
CC Phoenix 35 amp ESC with Deans
Scorpion 2221-6 Motor
Carbon fiber frame
Carbon fiber tail boom
Carbon fiber fins
All metal head and tail setups
Align carbon fiber 325 blades
KBDD tail blades in Yellow
Carbon tail slider conversion
Align 450 Pro ball link conversion
Red trueblood dampeners in head
Canomod canopy. It has some damage on it from another heli. Not this one. This heli has NEVER been crashed, set down hard, tipped over or anything at all. it's been VERY well cared for and oiled every 7 flights front to back. It now has about 40 flights on it.

Spare parts and other stuff that comes with it are as follows

4 Zippy 2200 MAH 25 C. Still rock solid, fly great. Balanced every charge every time.
Align Carry case
1 set of Align Carbon blades
1 set of black and yellow fiberglass blades
1 new tail boom
1 flybar rod
2 tail belts
2 main gears
1 hub with one way bearing
2 auto rotation gears
4 new align main shafts
4 feathering shafts with a bunch of dampeners
2 Carbon fiber vertical fins one plain, one marked with the V2 logo
1 horizontal carbon fiber fin
1 G10 fancy Guru Z vertical fin
1 set of upper frame replacement set
some random gear replacements for HS65 HB
1 new tail shafts
1 pack of body gromets
1 pack of new boom support blue metal ends with horizontal fin mount
2 metal control rods for tail
some random boom support rods
1 Top shelf carbon fiber control rod with nice metal ends
1 New Align complete landing gear set with cross overs, skids, buttons the works
2 New Align skid pipes
1 used black cross over
1 used white cross over
1 odd skid cross over
1 box of random pinions and motor mount screws
1 bag of random bearings for a 450 class heli
1 new set of carbon fiber tail blades
1 odd Green KBDD blade
3 New Carbon fiber tail blades
2 sets of black bat wing tail blades.
1 flybar paddle
Also, any 450 stuff I can locate or find during a deal.

What I'm looking for.

I'm looking for a 500 class heli. It can be an Align, Protos or some form of one that slings 425 blades. I'm not looking so much for a 550 class heli as I also fly a 600E bird and as far as I can tell the 550's are pretty close to a 600.
I'd like to find one that is BNF. So depending on what you have a deal can be worked out. There may be someone out there who has one that lives in town and maybe tired of driving a long way to fly and or wants a smaller heli. PM me with any offers or ideas. I'm putting out the feelers on this. I love my 450 and it's always been ROCK solid. The only thing I've done with this bird that could be called hairy, would be cutting grass a couple of times inverted. No hard 3D. I'm not willing to part any of this out as if I don't find a trade deal I'll just keep everything anyway. Should I find a deal, they will get everything I have 450 related other than tools that I use to do work on other peoples birds.

Again, any questions or offers, please PM me as following the thread may not be as smooth and direct
Normally it starts with.."Watch this!"
04-01-2010 12:29 AM  10 years ago
m.m flyer


bakersfield ca.

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would somebody trade down
04-01-2010 07:29 PM  10 years ago


Boring Oregon

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Trade down?
I sent you a PM to explain your question from my view.
Normally it starts with.."Watch this!"
04-01-2010 07:47 PM  10 years ago


Southern CA

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congrats on the trade how's it going out there? ALZRC 420 Spirit Red, ALZRC 420 TBR Spirit Red, Goblin 500 Spirit Red, Align 550L Spirit Black, Goblin 700 Spirit2,
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