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03-29-2010 03:39 PM  10 years ago
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OS 91HZ PS pump
I have been reading where a lot of guys are bypassing the pump and using muffler pressure to the tank and then direct to the regulator.

I also see where guys are suspecting the reg and/or the pump not working and cant get needles to set right. Pumps leaking and just not working in combination with the reg.

Has anyone tried using a return pressure line in the system? I believe Curtis used a return pressure system with Perry pumps. I was just thinking that maybe the pump is pumping to much fuel for the reg and the pump is building up to much pressure causing the pump to start leaking.

Yes I know its probably better just to make it a regular muffler pressure carb and I have one off my OS91HZ that just ingested a glow plug filament.

Was just looking for thoughts on the return system and to see if anyone has experimented with it already.

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