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12-20-2010 07:01 AM  10 years ago
Mike Fortin

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I don't think that you will find a "high end" 3D model anywhere are this point.

When it comes to "high end" it usually just comes down to price not so much quality as many would love to believe.

The fact is, people compare bearings for example. No matter how much you pay for bearings, after a crash they get notchy.

People often complain that the 700 somehow lacks quality, when it comes down to it the 700 has redefined helicopters.

Sure, there was a few stripped gears or screws to begin with but with probably 20,000 kits sold worldwide there are bound to be a few small issues.

This goes not just for helis but for many things that we use in our daily lives such as cars, laptops and so on.

You are now seeing helis coming out that have ideas or designs inspired by the 700 however none have come close the the wild success of the 700.

In a recent thread people asked what the best heli is, and well the vote simply has to go to Align based on a number of factors.

1. Number of kits sold.
2. Number of Competition wins
3. Price
4. Availability of parts
5. Ease of ownership
6. Aftermarket parts
7. Versatility 3D/FAI

These are just a few things that I could thing of quickly but I'm sure there are more.

This is my opinion however it is based on facts.
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12-21-2010 06:30 PM  10 years ago


Long Island, NY

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+1 Mike,

The 700 is a lot of heli for the buck. I have no argument with upgrading it though. It does have some areas that after market upgrades are some times necessary and other times they just add more bling.

IMO a stronger clutch and a metal main bearing block are worthy upgrades.

Lots of guys are complaining about spindle bolts breaking, I've had mine on the bird for a year now and have not had a problem with them. The one thing I do when I build the main grips is soak the bolts and the entire spindle in alcohol and that removes all the machining oil from the parts. I wipe clean after I pressure blow the threads and blue Locktite them. I tighten with reasonable force and I let the Locktite do it's thing. It works everytime

I love my 700 such a nice heli to fly and BTW I'm flybared all the way baby....
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Home✈️Aircraft🚁HelicopterAlignT-REX 700N › High End Flagship

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