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03-14-2010 12:04 PM  8 years agoPost 1


Blaby, Leicester, England

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Heya All, This is all theory and should work fine,

Here are a couple of easy steps to get the Competitions head to Flybarless, You might need to find a washout base that will work with this head, you might also need to replace the metal links with normal linkages.

This guide will focus on how to get the head to flybarless with the stock head

Step 1: Check your Pitch Range and make sure you are 0 Pitch at mid stick

Step 2, Remove

A: Linkages from the Swashplate to the Flybar Carrier
B: Pop off the linkages from the flybar to the mixer arms
C: Remove both Flybar Paddles
D: Remove the two grub screws retaining the flybar to mixer linkage peice and slide off the flybar
E: Unclip the main metal linkages from the swashplate
F: Remove the head from the mainshaft and slide out the whole floating flybar system from the head hub

Put them aside,

Step 3: Remove the following

A: Mixer arms from the blade grips
B: Remove two of the swashplate ball link stand offs from the swashplate that the swashplate to flybar carrier linkages used.

Step 4:

Reinstall the head without the flybar mechanics

Step 5: Install the following
A: The two spare swashplate ball links standoffs we removed from the swashplate onto the blade grips (Where the mixer arms where previously)
B:Then clip the metal linkages back on.
C: Completed!

Head Mechanics All installed and ready to go, all thats left for you to do now is configure your preferred flybarless stabilization system..

Hope this Helps


03-14-2010 03:38 PM  8 years agoPost 2


Atlanta, Georgia USA

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You left something out... You didn't leave a mechanism to lock the swashplate in phase.
I think this could be done with the floating axle part of the flybar mechanism.

The balls from the swashplate are also too long to install into the blade grips. I think one would be better suited to use the size found on the outer/lower ring of the swashplate.

03-14-2010 04:41 PM  8 years agoPost 3


Blaby, Leicester, England

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Hi There,

I did say that you "might" require a washout base and to use different linkages, but yes you are correct


03-27-2010 01:20 AM  8 years agoPost 4



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I used the washout arms from a spare raptor metal unit. cut long arm off, then flipped the link upside down on it.

Measured 4mm from bottom and side of headblock where i wanted it be mounted drilled and tapped a 5mm deep 3mm hole for me to bolt the washout arm onto.

its just a midgies too close with one of the bearing washers so have used two of them on each one from an old scraptor I no longer use.

it works like a dream.

Ill upload a pic if your interested in seeing it.


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HomeAircraftHelicopterFuel-Helicopters New or Limited ActivityElyQ › How to Convert Vision 50 Competition Head Assembly to Flybarless [GUIDE]
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