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Birmingham, AL

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My condolences for the child, but I haven't heard of where the child was in relation to the flying. I can not fully download the links and don't speak chinese. If someone can give the basics of what happened, it would be great. As for common sense, everything we do requires some type of common sense. Some are learned the easy way and others the hard. I personally don't see the flying fields as always being the best source. I see just as what people would consider idiots out there on the field as you would see on the road, off-roading, etc. I pick decent places where I fly and who I fly with. I have crashed a lot in the learning process and haven't hurt anyone yet. Why? Because I don't fly in the vicinity of them. I fly away from them. It is no different than going to an airshow. Do you have any idea of how dangerous a 30,000lb jet pulling 9 g's in front of a crowd is? Just ask those people in Germany who died during that airshow. You can fly with people around, just use risk assessment and the danger will be minimized. I've been a jet mechanic for 21 years and I know there is risk. Just assess the situation and have fun.
In the above mentioned cases you forgot to mention that people willingly went to these events and as reasonable adults should understand the risks of doing as such, however you neglect the consideration for all of those people you fly around but "not in their vicinity" that did not willingly put themselves at risk so you could enjoy your hobby. We have sanctioned AMA fields, and other areas that people do not frequent to fly at. Your attitude seems reckless and selfish and is how people get injured. Helicopters are not toys and with rotor blades spinning at up to 3400rpm and tail blades spinning at up to 15100 rpm bad things can happen quick. Helicopters are mechanical and electrical equipment and anything that falls under this catagory is subject to failure not to mention as you have crashed "alot" during the learning process yourself so now lets add pilot error. You also stated that people at AMA field fly less than appropriately, Then you should take it upon yourself to report these people to the fields saftey officer and if that does not resolve your issues contact the AMA themselves. In addition you also neglect to mention that everyone at the flying field should be aware of the inherent dangers of this hobby and willingly participates.

I truly hope that this sheds some light on you attitude of flying in public before an actual close call or injury actually occurs, unfortunately though most people do not take heed until the above occurs or just play the odds and sometimes get lucky.

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That is just terrible! Never would have imagined that.

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04-05-2010 09:22 PM  8 years agoPost 23

rrElite Veteran

Tucson , AZ

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My flying is neither reckless nor am I putting people at risk. I fly what is labeled as a park flyer. Would I fly a nitro 50 at a park? No, I would not. Risk assessment is exactly that. We use it every day when we use a knife, drive, or even get out of bed. As I have said, do you know the details of what happened with the little girl? Could it be possible that it was the parents fault for not keeping track of the kid? Before you make a judgment on me or anyone else, get your facts together. As a popular example on not having all the facts, remember the coffee with McDonalds years ago and how she won a big lawsuit? Sounds stupid, eh? Well read all the facts and tell me what you think after reading it. A book's cover doesn't tell the story inside.';s_Restaurants

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spokane wash

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You can use your on line transaltor. It will transalate the written words but not the video.Just go thru Google

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HomeAircraftHelicopterSafety - RC Helis are not toys › Deep sorrow for a 4 year old life...
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