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02-23-2010 04:02 PM  10 years ago
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Franklin, MA - USA

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Bruce Brogan email
I got an email from you asking me a question about your Radikal power system options and I sent a full reply but it keeps bouncing back "Mail not delivered".

If you see this please PM me and I'll forward you the reply into a PM here on RR.

Thanks and sorry to post here but I have no way of contacting you otherwise and hope you will see this and not think I didn't respond to your email inquiry.

Thanks and if anyone knows this guy and sees this please let him know.

MA 1005 Hanson 2703D, 4400 flts
Spectra 27 3DMax, 3460 flts
Whiplash V1-2 Hanson 300, 1995 flts
Whiplash V2 Hanson 300, 923 flts
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