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02-23-2010 02:07 AM  10 years ago
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Granby, Quebec

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Service menu for JR x9303 and x9503
If you want to modify voltage alarm for Lipo 11.1v to 9.6v:

Accessing the X9303 and XP9303 Service Menu:

- Pull Throttle Hold switch into the forward position. (ON)
- Pull AILE D/R switch up. (0)
- Power the set on while keeping ENT button on front panel pressed.
- Rotate roller activator until Trim Step is highlighted.
- Press roller activator on Trim Step, rotate to AILE.
- Switch AILE D/R down (1), press roller activator, switch AILE D/R up (0), press roller activator.
- Repeat Step 6 four more times and on the 5th (total) time access should be granted to the Service Menu.

- Here is a list of things you can do - should be in order as you scroll through each item.
This is not a complete list, and there are likely lots of other things that can be done.
- From here, SW test allows you to test each switch and microswitch.
- The next menu item is Hard. Con. By rotating the selector bar it becomes obvious what can be changed by soft selection.
Where the highlighter does not move it indicates that this is a hard connection on the PCB,
but in conjunction with the table this can be modified accordingly.
- Next item is Stick Neutral. Center all sticks and side trimmers, press CLR followed by STO.
This then stores all the centers for the sticks.
- Next is Stick Ga. Moving all sticks and side trimmers to max & min positions finalizes the stick calibration.
- Moving the selector across to the right allows for setting front panel voltage,
and at what voltage the alarm will activate for low battery.
- There are various ways to exit, and each one has a different effect.
- Total reset of system and loss of models stored, reset of the config data only.
- For straight calibration purposes, rotate back to EXIT and press the button next to : Reset start (No Initialized)
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04-11-2014 05:34 PM  6 years ago



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Thanks! After a few tries, I made it into the service menu and now I can start tweaking my battery alarm settings.~Drew
11-26-2016 10:44 PM  4 years ago



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Here is a little more detailed instruction for accessing the JR service menu and adjusting the low voltage alarm setting:

Turn off the radio
ALL switches must point forward, except AILE D/R, which should point backwards
Activate/press/pull and HOLD the Trainer control until you access the Service Menu
While holding the button as described above, press and hold the ENT button before turning the radio on
At this point you can release the ENT button, but NOT the Trainer/Throttle cut button
Using the selection wheel scroll to and select [Trim Step]
In the [Trim Step] menu, move the cursor to highlight [AILE]
Press down on the selection wheel, and then flip AILE D/R to the forward position
Press down on the selection wheel, and then flip AILE D/R back to the backwards position
Repeat 5-6 times until you have accessed the Service Menu

Once you are in the service menu scroll to Stick GA. and select this by pressing down the selection wheel. At the right side of the screen you should see [LOW Bat], select this and press down on the selection wheel, now scroll the selection wheel to you have the desired voltage you want the alarm to go off at. To activate the selected value, press down on the selection wheel, then press ENT, now you have exited the service menu, scroll to [EXIT], highlight it and press down on the selection wheel, then press the LIST button to finish, the radio should now reboot with the new settings active.
01-16-2017 12:19 AM  3 years ago


Mercerville, NJ, USA

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Thanks for all of the info in the thread. I've had a 9303 for some years and never knew about this. I made a mistake once, but I was wrong?
02-28-2017 11:22 PM  3 years ago



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Is the service menu access similar on the JR12X?Logo 600SXs, 800XX, TDR IIs
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HomeRC & Power✈️Aircraft🚁HelicopterRadio - JR DMSS › Service menu for JR x9303 and x9503

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