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02-22-2010 11:39 PM  10 years ago
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Bayonne, NJ

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3G 700 doesn't feel right... help
Just flew the first two flights on my 700. Its flying ok.. but a little wierd. It will climb straight if i push it, it tic tocs pretty well, forward flight with some speed feels pretty good but didnt do too much of that. My problem is that when i fly and lets say im doing like a tail slide or even if i finish tic tocs, when i center the right stick after i made my inputs to straighten out th heli, it then wants to tilt to the right. Its not a snap tilt, its kinda like a slow lean. Once I correct the lean and put it back into a hover, it will hover with no tilt. Once I go fly again and do another move and again center my right stick, it will tilt again until i stop it. Has anyone else experienced this? I have no subtrims. I added a little trim during the flight to see if that would help or hurt, it really didnt affect anything. On the first flight, i already turned down aout 10 degrees the ailron and elevator gyro gain since I heard at factory setting, most were getting the head bob. I thought maybe that was it, so on the second flight, i put it back to factory setting but that didnt affect anything either. While flying i also noticed that every once in a while, it sorta felt like there was a delay of about a second or second and half for the heli to respond to my inputs with usual speed. During this 'second', it felt very mushy or delayed until i put the inputs in again. It did this maybe 4 times during the 2 flights. Has anyone experienced this? My 700 was flying pretty well before the 3G.. just searching for some ideas
02-24-2010 02:08 AM  10 years ago

rrKey Veteran


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I have some similar issues on my 600. Mine will not lock in and kind of just chases its own inputs and then drifts. Higher and lower gains really dont help. Idle 1 at about 1850hs it seems fine. 1600 and 2100 hs its all over the place. guessing maybe a vibration induced issue. Not sure as I cant get it to fly right yet.Dave Williams
Team Align
02-24-2010 03:21 PM  10 years ago
JC Aguilar


Panama, Panama

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I had the same issue with the 700. I just increased to AFR on the Aileron to 14 degrees and reprogram the aileron limit on the 3G and that solved the problem. You might need to redece the D/R and/or increase your Expo on the aileron to have the same roll rate you were used to. My aileron gain is at 50%.

Hope this helps.
02-26-2010 08:58 AM  10 years ago


Central Coast, NSW, Australia

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This unit likes to be pretty much hard-mounted.

Try some very stiff gyro tape & strap it down.

Good stiff tape.
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02-26-2010 10:34 AM  10 years ago

rrElite Veteran

Western Australia

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This sounds like the head geometry does not provide enough resolution at regular pitch and cyclic settings.

Interesting to note, that the Align dedicated FBL head has shorter grip arms than the Mikado conversion.

I think Mikado know a thing or two about FBL these days lol.
Im glad I bought a conversion and did not wait for the dedicated Align head.
All I will do is buy the Align FBL head block at a later date, purely because it looks cleaner.
For the love of the hobby
02-26-2010 03:30 PM  10 years ago

rrElite Veteran

Birmingham, AL, USA

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Hey guys, if you don't mind, can you please post some pics of your setups (for future reference).
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