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02-06-2010 07:21 AM  8 years agoPost 1

rrElite Veteran


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Hi, Just got done building my first Benzin trainer heads today and had a few questions. I am using this head on a non-vario model and the ship is used for aerial photography I have also built the head for a CW rotation.

1. My bent links seem like they are too long? To maintain the 3-4mm spacing between the anti rotation collar and the bottom of the headblock that the sheet that came with my head recommends the links are much too long. I would have to have much larger spacing.

2. Any reason for the non-nylock nut on the head bolt? My standard nut stripped right off the bat with moderate pressure. I replaced with Nylock.

3. What damper setup do you Vario vets recommend for a 25lb AUW? Right now I have just shimmed it enough to take the endplay out of the grips which equates to one .5mm shim on each side.

4. What tricks do you have for freeing up the washout arm links (see pic) they are tighter then I would like them to be and I have already spent some time filing down the black plastic for a virtually friction free fit. I think at this point the metal pins tight fit is causing the friction.

5. Any tricks for aligning the anti rotation pins? Are you guys just eyeballing it?

6. Why the relatively low headspeed limits? I run lots of 800 + birds at anything from 1300 to 1550 without problems. I can only imagine that vario is:

a: being very conservative

b: the stock vario blades are very heavy

c. there is some weak link in the head (plastic grips?)

The reason I bring this up is I run 1400 all day long on a maxi joker at 30lbs AUW and that head only has 4mm blade bolts. I have never had a problem bending blade bolts or throwing grips on this but the blades are not extremely heavy (230g range)

How heavy are the stock Varios?

7. is there supposed to be a bolt in the top of the flybar bearing tube? or is this tapped hole for a head button

Thanks for your time. I would welcome any other general setup tips you are willing to share on this head as far as ratios, flybars, dampers etc.

One person has advised I switch to the CSS head. Any thoughts on this? Also what are your feelings on metal blade grips? Not interested in bling but if there is a known weakness in the stock plastic please let me know.

I have to say I am really impressed with the head overall, only a couple things I did not like and I am pretty picky!



02-06-2010 01:49 PM  8 years agoPost 2



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PM me

I will help you set up the rotor heads and answer all of your questions off line.. If you like you can visit me I and I will review the units and discuss how to properly set the heads up. I have all of the parts. I am part of the Cascade club in Snohomish.


02-06-2010 05:12 PM  8 years agoPost 3


istanbul - turkey

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Hi Tabb,

Adjust servo pushrod lenghts so swash is at mid travel when servos are at neutral. (90 to push rods)
Adjust bent link lenghts to get mixer arms level.
Servo arms centred, dial in +5/6deg blade pitch adjust straight push rods as necessary.
Set +12 deg max and -6 deg min pitch for auto-rot.
Set +9 deg max and 0 deg for take off and landing flight mode normal.
Set +9 deg max and -4 deg min pitch for flight mode idleup1.
Flycam AUW=11kg
Main blades=Vario 221 (80cm semis)
Main rotor rpm= 1250 to 1350
Spindle dampers=Hard (but not stiff)
Engine=Zenoah 270 r/c

The holes for metal pins (tail or main)and ordinary plastic links (all of them) needs attention for velvet smooth operation.

I make sure anti rotation fixture does not stop the swash plate from reaching max pitch. I align the blades with the boom then give elev cyclic. I twist the anti rotation until I get no aileron interaction. I am sure we all go this way.

This is how I usually set up and it works for me.
I hope it is of use.

02-07-2010 08:35 PM  8 years agoPost 4

rrElite Veteran


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Thanks Ralph and Ahmet.

I am going to put some more work into it today and will share some pics.


02-12-2010 02:37 PM  8 years agoPost 5

rrKey Veteran

Wirral North West U.K.

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