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Cincinnati, OH, USA

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I have a Raptor 50 V2 with an O.S. 50 Hyper. I'm getting into 3d and would like to get the best performance out of my heli. The pitch curve in idle up is +10/-9 and the throttle curve is set at 100 75 50 75 100. I feel it kind of bogs down when inverted and I slam the stick down. When I am not inverted and slam the stick up, it does not bog. Any tips would be much appreciated! Thanks in advance.

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Las Vegas, Nevada USA

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ostatebucki1, My Raptor Titan with an OS Hyper 50 has a 100-60-100 throttle curve for both idle-ups. I also have a Rev-Max set at a high limit of 2100, and the low at 1750.
I tried for a while with-out the Rev Max but it' so much easier to set up with one. Plus I don't get the over revs I would get without it when going from + or - to mid-stick.

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Jacksonville FL

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AMA 77227

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jackson , ga

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+1 on that. ton of info there.

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02-05-2010 11:37 PM  8 years agoPost 5
Jeff polisena

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westpalmbeachflorida usa

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Raptors have a bottom out positive and negative so both positive and negative pitch need to be same to get curves correct , your pitch to throttle curves are off so throttle is behind pitch and will bog.

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Hamilton Ontario, CANADA

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A governor will solve your problems.Make sure your top and bottom collective/pitch are identical +/- .5* in Idle ups1/2 with proper R.P.M.s set in your governor,also have good throttle curves programmed in your TX in case your governor craps out.A governor simplfies your flying set-up tremendously and eliminates the guess work from your set-up.Its the only way to fly.

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