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Sneads Ferry, NC USA

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This may have no bearing to everyone using HH gyros but I will share what I discovered after 5 batteries of trying to set up my "cheap" EFlite G90 dual rate gyro to be used in dual rate mode in my new 450. To start, it is on an HK 450(TRex knockoff) in a scale Hughs 500 fuse. ESky 9 Gram(non digital)tail servo. I had planned on setting it up in Normal(rate mode), then idle 1(HH mode). All was well until between packs I notice I would have to change my trim alot. I know that with electrics, as the pack goes down so does the head speed unless you run a governer, which I do not. So, setting up a no drift rate is really just a ball park setting up process and will only be used for intial spool up. What I noticed though, that when I shut down in HH mode the tail would be in a different position than centered rate mode rate mode(transmitter center). So when I installed a new battery and powered up, in the instant that the gyro initialized, it(the servo) moved to the rate mode(transmitter center) However, the gyro thinks that the center is where the servo started at the moment of initialization. I tested the theory, by shutting down in HH and then powering up till the gyro initialized and servo centered in rate mode, then, removed and reapplied batt power and the servo did not move at all during gyro intialization and it substantially lowered the ammount of trim needed in HH on the subsequent flights(packs) to almost no trim needed. Granted, the gyro is a cheap gyro and does require some trim throughout the flight but the whole dual rate set-up should be more detailed in the instructions of these cheap dual rate gyros. Long story short, if you use this gyro or experience this phenomenom, just return to rate mode(transmitter center) before shutdown(battery swap). Also don't forget to let the gyro stabilize, temp wise as well per the instructions. To it's defense. the G-90 holds this bird rock solid when trimmed correctly for such a cheap gyro. If my old G-154 wasn't so heavy, I would put it in this bird.

Century Hawk Sport, OS .32, Futaba 7C, GY-601 9251
Predator Gasser SE G-23, Fut 3010 servos, JR gyro/servo

 1 page 912 views TOPIC CLOSED
HomeRC & PowerAircraftHelicopterRadio - Servo - Gyro - Gov - Batt › Cheap Dual Rate gyro setup
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