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I'm not intentionally keeping my setup all JR. I know JR is one of the more expensive brands on the market, and I could find other servos of similar specs at a lower cost. However, I don't personally know what servos from what brand would equate to 8717 servos. I wouldn't have any qualms about going to Futaba, HiTec, ACE, or whatever QUALITY brand that would provide similar specs at a lower cost. I don't mind spending that extra little bit of money, but it would be kinda nice to have it to put on other things as well.

No, the onboard glow isn't what I was looking for, but the Align 2-in-1 was the best value I saw on a voltage regulator. The onboard glow was just a plus. The AR7000 that is currently on the heli has served me well. Everything I've read says that you don't "need" a governor for the heli to fly 3D well, just a well setup pitch/throttle curve to keep the headspeed in the proper range. The governor just aids that. If a governor really is needed at this stage of the game, barring weight, what would be the best way to go about adding the voltage regulator and a governor? Would it be to keep my AR7000 and just add a separate governor and voltage regulator, or to go with the AR7100R? I'm really not wanting to change the Rx if it won't provide much of a benefit.

My head does currently have the red dampeners installed on it. Still flies stable as a rock!!!

I chose to go with the Stubz paddles not only for the performance, but appearance as well. I wanted to get rid of the red paddles and go with black without sacrificing performance, as I recently ordered a new canopy that really wouldn't look to good with the red paddles. I know, looks ain't everything, but why sacrifice looks when you can have the best of both worlds in the same package?

nitroal & ghostrider,
I'm not overly concerned about ease of setup and future updates. My biggest concern is performance. If the Spartan's biggest/only upside is it's computer programability, then I would prefer the better performer of the bunch. Nitroal says that the GY520/BLS251 is one of the top performing gyro/servo combos on the market. Ghostrider says the Spartan/8900G. I originally chose the 770 3D/8900G. Can anyone give me some specifics on these gyros as far as will any of these gyros allow the tail to "blow out" during any maneuver? If all do "blow out" with some maneuver, what maneuver is it most common to have a "blow out" during for each gyro?

Thank you for being patient with my endless amount of questions on each product and why one is better than another. I just want to make the best informed decision possible.

Thanks again for all the advice.

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HomeAircraftHelicopterThunder TigerRAPTOR 50 › Equipment Upgrade Questions
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