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Landis, Sk Canada

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I have two questions... first what is collective managment and how do u use it. second I see some pilots that can hold a heli steady even an awkward attitude for a few seconds; how do they do that?

Thanks or any answers

J. Sittler

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Collective management consists of timing of collective inputs and degree of collective inputs. It also consists of synchronizing collective inputs with cyclic inputs.

Most people use too much collective and time it poorly, which saps power from the drivetrain and bogs the heli. They also don't realize that it is bad technique to have full collective and full cyclic at the same time. On modern helis, you get +/-15 degrees collective and +/-9 cyclic. If you bury both sticks in the corner you can see over 24 degrees of pitch on a blade. It will stall and bog the engine for certain.

You can really get a look at what collective management is by having a new 3D pilot fly, and then an experienced pilot fly. When the pro flies it, it will appear to have more power. Of course, no one added a turbocharger. He is just making better use of what power is there.

A couple tricks:

-if you flip away from the relative wind so that the wind strikes the bottom of the rotor disk, you can get away with less collective, using translational lift to help

-if you want to do a flip, try "bumping" the heli so it is traveling upward and then flip it over. You lose altitude during the 90 degrees portion and this minimizes the collective needed to keep the heli from falling. Essentially, it is moving up when you start a flip, and moving up before you finish it. This requires some modification of cyclic at different times. Move your cyclic so that the heli moves quickly through the vertical and slower when it is more horizontal. This allows the driveline to recover from lost energy real quick

(one day, I'll make a video of a Raptor 30 doing consecutive flips. Many people think it won't do them. It won't, without proper technique. You can't just bury the cyclic and then move the collective to full pos and neg like people try to do, and then blame the heli for lacking power.)

-do piroetting manuevers to the left, relieving torque requirement from the tail and thus robbing less engine power

Bad techniques:

-Having both the collective and right stick at full deflection simultaneously. Avoid this. This is probably the cardinal collective mismanagement mistake. If you can fly in a manner that avoids this, you basically will have at least some collective management.

-Using a great deal of collective when you can get away with less. Usually related to the one just above.

-flipping into relative wind so that wind strikes top of rotor system. if you know what you are doing you can do it, but it requires different timing of collective application at the other end and you are sure to lose a little altitude on an underpowered heli

To answer you, awkward attitudes take power, and utilize momentum to give more translational lift. Most of them are actually illusions and cannot be held for long once momentum and torque are reduced.

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HomeAircraftHelicopterHelicopter Main Discussion › pitch managment
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