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wapakoneta, ohio united states

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I have one of 3 servos on my 4g3 shaking and jerking pretty fast, and it gets warm, not hot to the the touch but warm. I wanna blame the fact that i can't fly it on that, I know that's not the whole reason, but I know it isn't helping. So I probably need a new one. Man these helis are hungry. Ughhh.

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rrKey Veteran

North Bend, WA

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I had a servo on my 4#3 do that too.
I asked about it on the 4#3 thread on rcgroups, and got told to do a search that it had been discussed, and the answer was there.

I never found it.
It was another on the list of problems that eventually grounded my 4#3

Yet Anohter IT Worker

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rrElite Veteran

Columbia, MD,USA

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I had 3 twitchy servos on the 450. They were metal gear and were in multiple crashes. I chalked it off to bad wipers on the pots and replaced them.

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rrKey Veteran

Lebanon, NH - USA

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Worn out POT.

ಠ_ಠ HBK2 built with inexpensive parts! ٩๏̯͡๏)۶ Gaui425

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