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01-20-2010 01:05 PM  8 years agoPost 101
fla heli boy

rrElite Veteran

cape coral, florida

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ah, so you're either the older generation that thinks they invented oxygen or you're the younger generation of liberal, Playstation numb morons we've got coming up now. Personally I'd take the prior over the latter, at least they have a work ethic and some morals.
My guess is you're the latter. Why would you possibly sit here and troll a heli website when you're not even in the hobby??? Oh, wait....see above.

01-20-2010 06:42 PM  8 years agoPost 102

rrKey Veteran

North Idaho

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1st off get it right! I didn't hatch from a test tube, I crawled out from under a rock! Honestly your comments speak for you. Pretty much the reason I quit flying heli's was the community of , how you say?,,, not very smart people. I was actually having a debate with my brother earlier about how the country and economy got so bad so quick. He's much smarter then me and he said plainly, "ITS THE ME GENERATION!" Meaning the people 40+ running our country now care nothing about whether their kids will have SS as long as they get theirs. They don't care if their grandkids die of skin cancer as long as they are not inconvenienced in their daily life. As many have said, you plainly don't care if your actions end humanity as long as you get yours.
Dude, you need to decide which side you are on, because you are floundering all over the map, and clearly do not read what people write. Or maybe you just skim posts and pick up words here or there.
From Maxpower: Doesn't bother me in the least. I don't have kids and the climate will be able to sustain life through out my lifetime so I have no worries.
Soooo, lets see, I have written two posts about what I do to minimize my impact on the environment, and my concerns for the future generations, and I am labeled as not caring, and you write this? Or is this your version of sarcastic snark? As far as education and articulation, there is no need to get into that debate. Your posts make it clear your life experience is limited, or you would have a more realistic outlook on how things actually work.

There is absolutely nothing worse than smug little people thinking they are smarter than anyone else because they agree with the mis-information generated in the cause of Global Warming or whatever the religion of the day is.

Oh, and by the way, the ME generation is all the 20 somethings out there. The 40+ age group are the people who do a days work, plan for the future with retirement, investments, purchase of property. they are stable and reliable. The Me generation of 20 somethings are poor workers who flit from job to job aimlessly, are notoriously unreliable, and have the maturity of teenagers. So if you or you brother are going to label, then do it right. You have Baby Boomers (50+), X generation (40s), Y generation (30s), and the Me generation (20s). The Me generation grew up during the Period Of Excess, and were given everything without responsibility, and continue to expect things handed to them. Sounds like you fit that category. I would expand, but I know you can't hold your attention enough to read multiple paragraphs of something you don't agree with and absorbe it. It has to be tough not being able to see the other side of anything. Us old farts call that Close Minded. Good luck with that...

05-16-2011 05:55 AM  7 years agoPost 103


Tyler, Texas

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Good read on one who was living off the global warming gravy train who now calls it for what it is.

05-18-2011 01:24 AM  7 years agoPost 104
Fred Stone



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Given past historical cycles, we should be at the dawn of a new ice age and things should be cooling down substantially but they are not. The climatic conditions wobble periodically but the recent general trend has been to a warmer climate so we are undoubtedly experiencing the effects of warming; most likely due to human induced polutants. However, given the current theories on the impending major geological activities about to erupt, our own efforts of climate corruption may pale into insignificance.
The biggest problem is our inability to cope with the concept that the forces of nature are far greater than our own powers in light of what we percieve as acceptible change.
I have popcorn. Pullup a chair and break open a 6 pack.

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