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12-16-2003 08:36 AM  14 years agoPost 21
HawkEye SkyCam



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I knew when Mike posted his paintball post that there would be a few bleeding hearts that would use it against him.
I don't think anybody here is using that against Neural Robotics.
I think Mike is doing a awesome job. I've been watching his progress for a long time and it looks like he's getting close.
I personally think it looks like fun.
But I would never advertise it. When people see me flying around
I just don't want them to wonder if there is a gun on it.
If you have a good product people will buy it. You don't have to put someones product down to make your's look better.
I don't think anybody here is putting his product down at all I think he's in the UAV class all by himself.

The UAV Autonomous Unmanned Aerial Vehicles forum is here to stay
WOOOOOOOO I don't think anybody on this form is expecting you to get rid of it just keep the weapon discussions over their.
I don't think a humvee computer game has anything to do with this.

Your deleting everyone except Cowboy so delete away it seems to be your favorite key.
I agree you delete all the good information and leave rocketMan 77 or should I say cowboy.
Have fun be safe
Tim or

12-16-2003 11:08 AM  14 years agoPost 22

rrKey Veteran

Colchester, Essex, UK

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You couldn't have said it any better
Congrats on all the work you've done so far, and in continuous R & D.

Oh.....................and thanks for sponsoring the Forum


12-16-2003 07:40 PM  14 years agoPost 23


Thousand Oaks, CA

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All this UAV and guns talk.......
Didn't something happen like this in the Terminator movie series? Didn't some company take technology too far thus causing robots and terminators to have wars with humans and cause nuclear war? I think it was Telledyne or Skynet or something like that.
It always starts off as a company trying to better technology but then it gets out of hand when people ignore it by "changing channels" or visiting other forums. Eitherway, what ever happens here or there or NRI its all driven by the greenbacks.

12-17-2003 04:02 AM  14 years agoPost 24

rrElite Veteran


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There was a young man from Illinois
Who posted a whole load of sillynoise
In his posts at Runryder
He was a name hider, and jealous as hell of the bigger boys..

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