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10-24-2009 09:38 PM  8 years agoPost 1


Denby Dale, UK

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(Have posted this in the Mini Titan section but now just realised this should be in this forum.)

After lots of abuse (I learnt on this heli) the gyro developed a dodgy wire so would sometime work and sometime wouldn't so I replaced the gyro and servo with the Align GP750 Head Lock Gyro and DS520 servo.

My problem is that I can't get it working properly the tail now so sluggish. I have checked for binding, I have checked I have the setting correct i.e. right servo phase, the delay set to "red" and I can't get the tail to look after it self properly.

On the ground everything looks okay, the servo moves in accordance with the transmitter and the heading hold. However when you get it into a hover and then do a full climb out the heli pirouttes. Equally if I increase the gain to 100% I still can't make it work.

What have I missed? Any help greatly appreciated.



10-25-2009 04:35 AM  8 years agoPost 2


shelby twp. michigan

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if you have the proper setup as per the manual.
like all endpoint`s to their fullest throw on the gyro and rudder channel`s, and D/R on rudder at 100% and are still haveing an issue with a slow rudder, you can try mixing rudder to rudder in the radio.

makesure you have the pushrod in the closest hole to the center of the servo on the arm/horn.

the mixing of the rudder is not a newbie move and can cause great damage if you`r not ready for a fast tail.

crash`s come easy patience`s doesnt

10-26-2009 03:48 PM  8 years agoPost 3


Leeds, England

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He doesn't mean sluggish as in piro rate but as in it is just not locked in and blows out very easily and the stops are really mushy like the gain is too low but its not that, the gain function is deffinatly working.

Just had a thought, did you check that the tail pullys are not worn? Also could be one of the pullys spinning on the shaft?

60% of the time, it works every time!

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HomeAircraftHelicopterRadio - Servo - Gyro - Gov - Batt › ALign GP750, DS520 and Mini Titan
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