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In Aug on the 18th I made a decision to fix up my life I weighed 226 pounds, stressed to death in every way possible and really having a hard time sleeping and concentration on what needed to be done in these challenging days.
I know allot to being healthy is making the right choices and just taking better care of my body, my family was depending on me to be their for them and I was at rock bottom with my health.
So like I said on the 18th I made a decision to clean myself up, so I contacted a person here where I live who distributed a great product that I knew about several years ago that I blew off as a joke and didn't think it would help me out called ISAGENIX INTERNATIONAL.

To anyone who may read and seriously take into heart what Im saying right now I am unbelievably blown away by this stuff, by the 18th of Sept I put myself on the scale and made it to 200 lbs, thinking I was losing weight to fast I had the hunting season come up for the bow hunt and could not believe the energy and stamina I was getting and the best part how I feel to sleep and wanted to sleep at a better time and woke up like I was on steroids.
I still stress a little but much more under control, and just feel like my life has done a 360 in many aspects.
To anyone like I said reads this I hope and prey anyone who is going or has gone threw this Im here to tell ya to take the time and seriously look yourself in the mirror and say its time to be a better you, we all deserve to feel better in life and I hope all my fellow hobbyist all find ways to feel the way I do now today.
I feel like Im 25 again its great.
Me and my wife just had our blood drawn to get our life polices up to date before we turn 40 and believe it or not my cholesterol is lower than my wife's, every item on the test that came back was just at normal or just below, I was betting my wife's numbers in couple different areas, yep she is now wanting to take the same stuff cus she hates being beat by me.
Very great feeling to see the test come back showing that Im doing better for myself, and life is getting better mentally and physically.
Yep even my wife is having to fight me off, and Im sorry to her that she has been missing me, the real me for some time now, she likes having me back, and thats the best part.
Just some thoughts for anyone who may read.

This hobby sucks, when your not flying.

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HomeOff Topics › Best health and wellness anyone could ask for.
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