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There are only two materials I want to see on my Heli, CF and aluminum. There are some very rare exceptions (Header tank holder should be plastic) but not many.

CF is completely repairable and is easy easy easy to fix. Cheap as anything as well! The main problem is that people overcharge outragiously for it! CF is only slightly more expensive than FRP and that is only because if you want real strength, you have to bake it. That can be done in your oven at home, BTW. Carbon can't really be compaired to G10, I don't belive. Carbon is a Aluminum replacement and has stregth that is equivilant to Aluminum with a slight decrease in weight. Just like there are grades of Aluminum, there are grades of CF. It isn't just the tightness of the weave, it is how many layers are together and what pattern they used to lay down the mats. CF as very poor performance when twisted, but extremely strong flex. Unfortuantly it seems that Helis in 2009, haven't caught up to sailboats from 1986. We learned then that the best mix for CF was to put in a layer of Kevlar to increase the stregth for twisting. This takes away the brittleness of most CF parts and provides you a strength that is pretty darn close to steel.

If you want to look at CF, I can only laugh at you. It is like going back 30 years and braging about how something would be made of plastic or Fibreglass! It was cool then, but in reality just looks cheap. Buy CF for the performance and the repariablity, don't buy it for the looks. If you want looks, get a Vario with Aluminum frames. Metals is bling, CF just looks getto.

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HomeAircraftHelicopterMain Discussion › G10 vs Carbon Fiber
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