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10-19-2009 03:53 AM  10 years ago

rrElite Veteran


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What's the best thing about flying in the winter ?
* If you start shaking you can blame it on the cold

* Less chance of overheating your engine or electronics

* Your blades are stiffer so are the dampners

* If the snow is deep enough you get to crash more often

* Another reason for drinking to stay warm

* At least your out of the house

* There's alot of places to keep your beer cold (for after flying)
10-30-2009 02:24 PM  10 years ago



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Any electronics get fried in the making of this video?I wish I still flew!!!
10-30-2009 05:55 PM  10 years ago


Pocono Mountains, PA USA

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One cold lesson learned...........
Although I'm no 3D pilot, only having reached flying circuits and eights, one thing I learned almost the hard way last winter is don't even think about flying with gloves on, at least for me. I was flying one of my 600E's in the cold with gloves on and it's amazing I got it back on the ground in one piece. The loss of sensitivity was so great that it was like I never even knew how to hover. Now I fly with the tip of my index and thumb fingers cut off in a pair of work gloves. I even tried rubber gloves and it was still very uncomfortable flying.
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10-30-2009 06:25 PM  10 years ago

rrKey Veteran

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. How do nitro heli's do in the cold?
I would say go for it.. however, this being your first nitro.. tuning a 3-needle engine can sometimes be overwhelming especially for someone who is just getting their feet wet into nitros. If you have someone who has some experience in this department, I highly recommend that you get in touch with them. Otherwise you might have a bad first experience. Other than that, Nitros do well in the cold just as most of everyone already mentioned. Personally, I prefer flying in cooler weather just as long as my hands can stand it.

Hope that helped

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