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09-21-2009 12:53 AM  11 years ago
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Missoula, Montana

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My first heli, E-flite Blade MSR! Questions.....
Ok, few months ago my girlfriends mom got me a basic coaxial helicopter named "Firefly" which was a basic dual rotor helicopter with duel red LED's that looked like a bug. Needless to say, I had alot of fun with it in between playing with my Savage Flux. I eventually wanted to get something a bit more controllable and I was close to buyin an MCX a few months ago when other things came up and I never got around to it. Flash forward to this week, I stopped by my LHS and I happen to see the new MSR sitting on the desk and I couldn't believe all the extra goodies it came with, not to mention how farking fast it flew around the shop! Needless to say, I bought one!

This being my first real helicopter, it's been a challenge to learn how to control this thing in my small apartment and has resulted in some nasty crashes. Still, I'm having lots of fun but i'm also getting alot of questions in my head in regards to operating/ maintaining something like this vs my monster truck.

1. Has anyone else noticed the strange "tilt" the rotor shaft has even out of the box? Is this normal? Is something wrong with mine?

2. I was amazed at how quickly the rotor blade holders broke after a few wipeouts in the wall. Is this normal for these to go quickly or am I just a crappy flyer?

3. Trimming this thing has been pretty hard, I can't seem to get it to stay in a straight hover mode. And suggestions on getting this thing to behave itself?

EDIT: Here's a video of my attempting to fly it after only a day of practice since owning it. Any suggestions or tips on how to keep this thing more stable or for me to improve on?

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09-21-2009 02:53 AM  11 years ago


Buzzard's Bay, MA USA

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I gave you my answer on HF. Posting on multiple forums at the same time bugs me.I need one of those to fly in my office. Tried to fly my .90 in there but man is my wife pissed now!
09-22-2009 02:38 AM  11 years ago

rrKey Veteran

Easton, MD.

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1 - that is normal. It is to help offset a heli's natural tendicy to tilt with the rotation of the blades when taking off.

2 - you need to cut the throttle BEFORE impact. Very important... don't try to save it into the last second of flight! Just cut power if it feels like a crash coming. You will be surprised how durable the heli is (Very) if you do that... it will then just bounce off of the object it hits, and most likely have no damage.

3- hard to say. I am guessing you have the RTF with the included transmitter. Read the directions on trimming it (I have no clue) on the right hand stick. You also got a swash leveler in the box... do that first so you know you are starting out with a level swash (very important for a heli to fly well). Maybe after crashing as hard as you have been (especially if you are under power, and I am guessing you are because you are breaking blade grips) - you most likely have knocked the swash off alignment.

Hope that helps.
10-07-2009 05:32 PM  11 years ago


Atlanta, Georgia - USA

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Three Things
1 - Tilt is normal.
2 - Use red tool (swash leveler) to check swashplate is level and bind to radio correctly.
3 - Power all the way down before a crash and let it fall.

I have found the most critical thing to give you stable flight is the swashplate leveler. See the manual for instructions. It is the red plastic device in the bag of extras. This is soooo important. I have to relevel swash about every two or three crashes. If you don't the heli will be out of control.

Yes the tilt is normal. Just noticed it today flying in front of a bright window at eye level. Glad you posted so I would know others have seen it. But my MSR flys great as long as the swash is leveled and the radio is bound correctly. Don't move the heli while it is binding to the radio.

I have had quite a few crashes but always power down completly when I see the collision comming. The heli has taken some crashes into a 14 foot celling and no probles with broken parts yet. It is hard to watch it crash and fall but it always pulls through.

Good Luck!
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10-07-2009 07:44 PM  11 years ago



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I've only crashed mine maybe 1 or 2 hundred
I haven't broken anything yet.Always cut the throttle before impact like already stated here.
The rotor head is tilted like yours.Didn't notice until I read this thread.

Have you noticed the "Mode" switch?
Beginner and advanced mode.More or less throw from the servos.
It's the gear switch on a Spektrum or JR radio.
I literally never use the word literally right.
10-10-2009 03:58 AM  11 years ago

rrElite Veteran

New Orleans, LA & El Monte, CA

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If your using the stock tx tap the right stick down and it should blink. Now you should be in beginners mode. It limits the swash throw and slows down the tail if your learning to fly
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