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09-20-2009 06:39 PM  11 years ago
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Oxford. UK

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JetPower 2009 Pictures
Well another year and eagerly waiting to see what would be on show.....


Not only did they show & fly their 1/4sc EC120, but the latest model of the EC155 was also on show.
With a body length of 2.55 mtrs and to be supplied with a 2.50 mtr, five blade rotor system and 10 blade fenestron unit.
Mine is on order for the first to be available in April 2010 !
Also showing a very nice Blackhawk.

Heli Classics

As always, some very nice models on show and being flown. The Mil was also sporting a semi detailed 5 blade rotor head.
The exhaust for the Bell 212 & 412 is absolute magic. Also showing a range of fuel tanks and tail drive system.

Heli Factory

Very nice adaption of a JetCat mechanics setup. The Gazelle was showing a very modified tail system.


Very nice Alouette III Grasshopper by Freddie Coehen, who was the originator of the V-Stabi system.
He was showing a well made space frame for the model and purpose made large fuel tank to suit.
He ended his flying display with perfect engine idle , run on auto's.


No major new items other that a very lovely Hughes 500 which looked like it was an electric 600 size. Powered by the JetCat PHT-2 system and using the 5 blade rotor system being shown on their stand. It flew brilliantly.
JetCat have produced the SPT5 & SPT5-H in a 3V version. No other changes other than a new style gearbox. There is a new thrust engine which will be smaller than the current P60, but not available until early next year.
I was informed by Max that it was advised to be aware of possible static issues when using the PHT-2 because of the belts being used.
Servicing was also a being addressed with more staff now being involved, which has now got the general return down to around 3 weeks.

The last set of mechanics arrived without any other info - based on the SPT5 marine engine and multi gears for the dive system.

Modelltechnik - Jung

The normal models were on show, being the Co-ax and the Flettner design.
Only the Flettner was flown as far as I could see.
Intersting mechancics on show also


This engine is very popular in Germany - maybe it will make it to the UK sometime. has a different exhaust note all of it's own.


Again, the normal items were being displayed - very well detailed cockpits and items.


The long awaited AS350 Ecuriel made it's debut. Soon to be available, but no prices at this time.
New mechanics were on show for Jako engine - the frames are direct replacement for the JetCat versions - so now you have a choice of what you fly with.

Also shown was the new Lama for the JetCat PHT-2 system - to be available very soon.

The Bell 430 was one of a pair that flew very well during the weekend.

In general, not as much new items that I was hoping for, but this may well be due to the financial crisis that we are going through.
Most of the multi blade or non flybar heads are using Helicommand as an operating system and with great effects too!

As for blades - most are using the M-Blades and some are still using GRP.
As a ratio, I would say around 75% were using M-Blades.
Where as with the tail blades I would say the ratio is about 50%.

Another great weekend,great weather and great hospitality as always.

Just need to look forward to JetPower 2010 !

oxford UK
09-20-2009 07:12 PM  11 years ago



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Great pictures and info Modtron!! I can't wait to build some of this stuff

Taylor Made Helicopters
09-20-2009 07:20 PM  11 years ago


Bratislava, Slowak Republik- Europe

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Nice photo , reportage and wisdom, I think one of the first ..... there is still more photos?

09-20-2009 07:45 PM  11 years ago


Scottish Borders, U.K.

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I really must attend next year Oh **** ! this is going to be expensive?
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