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09-19-2009 05:27 AM  11 years ago
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post your funny pet stories here
OK so my kid and his friend are doing the TV Vid Game thing and it's Friday Night and I already surfed RR so I got nothing to do and can't watch TV so I thought I would start this thread up,,

well I never thought I would ever end up living with 3 cats, so here are a couple stories,,

Oscar has a fetish,,
Oscar is a Yellow Tiger, I got Oscar for the kids 13 years ago,,, well as years went by I used-to find Rubber Bands on the back porch, sometimes 2, 3, 4 days a week, then they would be gone, I just thought the kids were out playing with these Rubber Bands, well after some 7 or so years 1 day I saw a large 8 inch long Rubber Band on the porch, but the next day it was gone,, so that 2nd day I asked the kids if they were playing with that large Rubber Band,, no,, no they said,, that is when I realized Oscar the cat had a thing for Rubber Bands,,
well Oscar was in on the chair so I get a Rubber Band and I go over to him and start snapping it, and boy Ol boy did he jump up with his ears perked up,, as the years have gone by I have come to think part of it is he likes the Rubber Smell, ether way my cat has a fetish for Rubber Bands,, we still have Oscar,, every once in a while I will still find a Rubber Band on the Back Porch or at the Front Door but not so much now,,, I have always wondered where he finds them LOL..

we have had other cats, and they like Rubber also,,,
but after they get under this Rubber they don't come home, or sometimes someone will bring them back home to us in a box or a bag but they are quite flat,, Norm was a beautiful Buff and White cat, but he had NO personality at all !!, Norm was one of those that came home in a bag at the age of 2, I guess he was not as smart as Oscar,,

so after Norm we got Milo,,
Milo is also a Yellow Tiger,, he responds to touch like no other cat but don't pick him up,, Milo like to bat his Hard Food around on the Kitchen Floor and chase it and catch it then eat it, Milo walks around in the house with his eyes half closed, he's a happy cat, I think in his own mind he thinks he is cool, he has the most wonderful fir of any cat I have ever seen, very soft,, at 16 moths old Milo is the biggest cat in the neighborhood, he also has very big and very sharp claws like no other cat I have see, but he has not been in a fight yet, he runs from other neighbors cats, but I wait cause I know if he ever lets-loose in a fight with his weight and those large claws he will be a great fighter..

then there is the biggest killer of all,, Dewey,,
well we didn't need a 3rd cat,, but my Wife and Daughter brought home this tiny little White kitten (smaller than your hand) with a Black Spot on is head, he was not quite 5 weeks old, his mother was hit by a car,, well he would sleep for 5 hours on my Wife, and yes my Wife would hold him for 5 hours if she had the time, in0fack she is holding him now as I type,, at 5 weeks old he would climb up on you shoulder to sleep, and yes a few times I would be working on my helis as Dewey tried to sleep on my shoulder,,, well Dewey is a runt, but he is the biggest killer of all, the other day he brought in 6 Crickets in 1 hour, he plays with them of 5 minutes then he goes for the strike, kills them and eats them, yee-up he's the big hunter that one is,, he is so spoiled, big time, you cant go in the kitchen without him following you in and crying for People Food,,, yes, that's because of my wife !! in one of the doors the screen is now pull out in one of the corners, Dewey we will come running in threw the screen like a flash of light and he will run to the middle of the room and stop, as his tail will be rolling to the left and rolling to the right, he will look straight up with his eyes looking back to you, he wants you to pick him up to say Hi,, Dewey is about 15 months old now, what a corrector he is, I have come to really love him..

don't get me wrong I love dogs too, just don't have one anymore..
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