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09-15-2009 03:46 PM  11 years ago
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rrElite Veteran

Southeast USA

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Edge603Flybar Version
I would like to give my honest opinion on these blades.
First my heli setup.
Trex 600N with all upgrades.
Hyper50,Align pipe
Super Stubz
Align Tail Blades
9303 2.4/AR7100
TJ Revmax Gov
821 on Throttle
Q-UK swash
JR 4000mah lipo
8degrees cyclic

I have been running the Radix600's for awhile and have allways favored them over all.I have used the V's in the past and like them aswell.I have had nothing but great service and support from these blades.(I am in no way sponsored by any mfg)My first opinion at first sight was these ressemble Align 600D's till I noticed the tips and the leading edge being what looked to be a lil sharper,Of course all the highend blades have a nice edge.

I have about 3 flights on these blades yesturday eve and what I noticed right off the bat was the crisp agressive pop like the V's I have flown and the great stability and good pop of the SB'S.(RADIX).
Very little bogg with these blades AT ALL! Autos were purdy darn good aswell.
I am not by any means bashing any mfg or picking one over the other Guys and Gal's as there are some really good blades out there and wanted to give my honest 2cents on these.If your just been looking to try somthing else and maybe save a few coins,the Edge603's would be a really good choice.
I am looking farward to flying the larger ones on my 700 next

09-15-2009 03:55 PM  11 years ago
Darren Lee

rrElite Veteran

Woodstock, GA

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I agree 100%, Edge 603 is my new favorite blade.

09-15-2009 05:47 PM  11 years ago

rrElite Veteran

Seattle, WA

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Same here, tried them on my Trex 600E and Trex 600N and the best 600mm blades I've run to date. I've owned every 600mm blade out there; Radix, Rotortech, VBlade, SAB, Align, etc.
09-16-2009 09:46 PM  11 years ago

rrElite Veteran

Delphos, Ohio

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I too really like the new edge blades. I have been a die hard radix guy but I still try the new stuff and I was impressed.It's a complex, costly, glow powered anti-gravity machine!
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