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09-14-2009 09:00 PM  11 years ago
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Hirobo Long Ranger 30/50 $300
Comes with sceadu 30 mechanics. Can be upgraded to the 50 if you would like. Paint chipping on bottum only. paint crank on the boom and one on the vertical fin. $300. obo

Each body set is designed specifically for the Sceadu and can be installed in minimal time. Each main mounting point is factory located for you and all areas that need extra clearance are cut out as well. Precisely formed windows for easy installation are also included. Even the starter coupling access hole is cut for you!

Body Weight: 1.32 pounds
Body length: 50 inches
Overall Width: 9.76 inches
Fuselage width: 7.40 inches

Hirobo’s Sceadu .30 and .50 designs take many of their concepts from their big brother, the revered Freya. The airframe accepts both .30 and .50 size engines with the exchange of just a few parts. The collective pitch system can also be changed out to Hirobo’s 120 degree SWM (ccpm). Includes 570mm FRP main blades.

Features include:

FZ-III Rotor Head System

6mm solid axle with internal threads for securing the blade grips

Floating axle design with wide dampers for extra support of the feathering spindle.

Thrust bearings are standard for smooth collective changes through the entire pitch range especially under the demanding loads of radical 3D flight

New heavier duty blade grips with a 4mm blade bolt are standard for the ultimate in reliability. Accepts 12mm root main blades with 4mm bolt hole

Head button for "palming" the rotor head is standard
The FZ-III Seesaw features adjustable Bell/Hiller ratios for all flight styles similar to ratios successfully used on the Freya

Stabilizer blades feature adjustable weights and are secured to the flybar with dual set screws. Same paddles included on the GPH346 and Shuttle RG

New stabilizer control arm strengthened for those unexpected "oops"

Over 22 degrees usable collective pitch available

Main Frame

All new main frame design with integrated, easy to access bearing blocks, integrated cooling shroud, .30 to .50 size engine mounting locations, easy glow plug access, provisions for routing tail servo wires from the back of the heli to the servo tray, and even a handy carburetor fuel "pinch off"

New heavy duty, front electronics tray with encapsulated foam lined battery box. No more batteries coming loose during pirouettes

New integrated easily-accessible switch mount capable of handling all switch sizes

Main frame is capable of handling standard collective pitch controls or Hirobo's new larger bearings, which are used to support the collective lever system for complete "slop" free smooth control for any flight envelope.

A 10mm hollow main shaft is included to handle the stresses of rotor head loads on the main frame. Super strong, super light

Drive Train

New triple bearing supported clutch/clutch bell system to handle .30 to .50 class engines

New fan/flywheel assembly (starter pulley) for improved centering on engine crankshaft

Fan is factory drilled to accept magnet for a throttle governor

New drive train layout puts engine in front of main shaft for better overall CG balancing allowing the gear reduction for the tail gearbox to happen at the main gear instead of a pulley arrangement

Tail Section

A belt driven tail utilizing a lower friction belt is standard equipment. An optional torque tube tail drive will be available separately as well

New larger pulleys allow stronger belt contact under the severest of conditions

All rotating shafts are dual ball bearing supported for smoothness

Uses the successful Freya double pin type tail pitch slider for precise tail control. Slider is dual ball bearing supported with "a" link to a ball joint on the tail blade holder

Each tail blade holder uses a single thrust bearing and radial bearing for exact rotational movement.

New aggressive super stiff tail blades are included as standard equipment for the 9 3/4 inch tail rotor disk. Super tail power for today's demanding gyros

Tail boom mounted servo for tail control is standard equipment

Also available a 5mm control rod to replace the 2 mm existing rod


New higher capacity sealed muffler also included

New Cabin design and materials

New shaped cabin is sleek and fast like the Shuttle's big brother, the Eagle

Made of durable impact resistant polypropylene. Blow molded for smooth round lines and shock resistance

Tail fins

New larger shaped fins for better high-speed tracking. Cut out provided for 3D use.

Fuel tank

New rear mount location with 4-point suspension in the main frame

New centralized stopper allows dependable clunk line freedom

Now 370 cc increased 120 cc from the previous Shuttle tank of 250 cc.

Very transparent for easy fuel level checks

Sold As is engine not included. Buyer pays shipping.
09-16-2009 03:38 PM  11 years ago



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price drop 250
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Home🏬 Classifieds✈️Aircraft🚁Helicopter🏬Classifieds - Fuel Helicopters Sold  Hirobo Long Ranger 30/50 $300

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