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09-14-2009 07:24 PM  11 years ago
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Help with needed accessories for Newbie!
I am going to end up with a raptor 50 for my first heli.. i have years of RC Plane experience but am dumb when it comes to Helis..

Wht do I need as far as tools and fiels accesories and where is good place to obtin these needed items?
09-14-2009 08:06 PM  11 years ago


wtn ct usa

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what to get
First get patience,then book for dummies to become a Heli mechanic,1 COLD case of Beer of choice,1 phoenix simulator,1 pair of Blind Folds for when Heli is falling to the ground.1 broom and dust pan, 1 waste basket, and 1 good Store to buy new parts,and a few good friends on here.
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09-14-2009 08:26 PM  11 years ago



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+1 on a sim,they're worth their weight in gold.
now,as far as the accs.Assuming that you will have the glow ignitor,and starter,you will need some "bench" equipment.
For my rappys I use helimax pitch gauge,blade balancer,and some line levels from hardware store.with some mods the line levels work great on the flybar.A flybar lock is handy,but really not needed on the raptor.a good ball link pliers set and hex drivers are a must,as well as a good link sizing tool.Calipers for measuring links,and if you want to get techinical,a dial indicator.
You might also go to for more info.
and as far as buying the tools etc...can't beat heliproz south IMO
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09-14-2009 08:28 PM  11 years ago


Houston, Texas

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As with any tool, do NOT buy cheap. Good quality tools will help with your sanity and keep your bird in tip top shape. These are some of the must haves:

-Set of high quality hex drivers.

-Philips, and flat head screw drivers...depending on your heli some need the Japanese standard driver (sorry I don't know their correct name, but look like Philips but slightly different)

-ball link pliers (MUST HAVE!)

-starter wand (this should mount on your starter that you use for your planks)

-glow driver (same as planks)

-glow plug hex nut

-CA, electrical tape, wire tires, wire braiding to protect your wires

-and a filed box to keep it all in

I'm sure I am forgetting stuff, but other members will add.

As far as extras for your heli, when I first started I bought enough parts to build a second heli. As a matter of fact a lot of people buy a second heli (frame only) because it is a lot cheaper than buying the parts separately. I quickly found out that the parts that usually get broken on my heli are the following: blades, servo gears, links, skids, and tail boom. There are several online hobby shops that provide great service and prices. Ron's is great for the level of customer service and advice. Hope this helps
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Home✈️Aircraft🚁HelicopterBeginners Corner › Help with needed accessories for Newbie!

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