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09-05-2009 11:32 PM  8 years agoPost 1


muncie, IN

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I finally got out my choppers today after many months away from the hobby. I ran 3 tanks through the bell 47 uneventfully and then was "just going to make one more flight" with my MD 530 (Titan mechanics). It flew just fine when I put it up months back. After a check of all the controls, I fired it up and noticed that soon after take-off it didnt want to turn (yaw) left. I brought it back in and checked everything again both with the heading hold on and off (gy401 gyro)and all seemed well so I took it off again and same thing. Yes, I was getting a solid red light on the gyro in heading hold mode. It would yaw to the right rapidly but to the left very slowly and then it decided to crank full right with no left imput effect. Luckily it was only 3-4 feet off the ground but of course I freaked thinging it was going to smash into the garage and slammed it down trashing the main rotors and landing gear...damnit! Once again, everything seemed to work fine on the ground after this flight. Is it time to toss the 3 year old gyro or what? I didnt think these things went bad.

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rrKey Veteran

cookeville, tn USA

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I have a 401 on my trex450 se that has seen sooooo many crashes I can't believe it still works! I would find it rather curious that after just setting, it decided to give up the ghost.....

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Point Blank TX USA

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Before u do that. I would check the battery or sent the gyro and servo for a checkup.

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i had something happen like that to me with my q2o dominator, i would go to lift up and it wanted to swing and then checked everything looks good, then i tried slowly bringing the speed up and moving my tail servo back and forth and noticed that at about half throttle it would quit working or shoot all the way to one side here the servo was bad i sent the gyro and servo to futaba they said gyro fine servo had a intermittent amplifier and i ended up with a new one.

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HomeAircraftHelicopterMain Discussion › dangit! did my gyro crap out on me or what
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