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I would just to share this experience on flying 600N, i just started this hobby since end of 2007. And Nitro early this year.

This bird have flown without problem as 700n i.e (Gear Stripping and clutch broken due to heavy 3D fly.

First the upgrade that i think for a must is the Metal Fan due to unbalance material & A Arm Elevator. Other then that am not really concern due to am buying TREX 600 NSP in a first place, it was a good Advice from my flying buddy GIT (Airforcewan).

Now the experience is

A. Blades

Trex 600D CF its very good blade due to the price and it perform 3D very well plus u can even have enough inertia during Autotrotation,

Trex 600D CF Pro Wood Core this blade is the latest blade i ve tried its a good blade, as well what i experience with this blade, it make the cyclic a bit faster and crisp on the stop and Pop. About auto this blade are capable but u will loose speed faster compare to the normal 600D blades.

Rotortech 610 in my experience about this blade is it has a good pop and climb, but the cyclic is bit slower compare to other blade. but interm of price this blade is a bit pricey, what i dont like is the color scheme since it has 3 color scheme, make the fleet look like my baby TOYS, it is colorful, now am end up with black and white, which mean to be most fav colour. except for the canopy that u need is most bright color for the visiblity in the air. This blade is perfect for auto.

Curtis Youngblood SB this is the most fav blade i ever flown, it can auto well but the head speed will loose faster compare to any other blades, interm of pop, climb and stop its really impressive blade, as everybody claim. No Doubt on this blade. Which i have buy 2 already since crashing B4

TIG blade the most heavy blade i ever flown, the price is really attract me, plus i learn auto with this blade and once again i like this blade is because of the price and u can learn auto easily since u will have headspeed before ur skid hit the Ground. it also can do 3D as u wanted to.

Blade that came to my mind now is
1 . Mavrikk G5 woodcord - but my flying buddy said about this blade is it perform for the pop like CY 600 SB, but for the whole performance this blade cant beat the CY 600 SB.

2. Is SAB RED DEVIL - no one in my country have try this blade yet

3. EDGE - Blade which have been claim to be the latest high end blade

4. Is the V Blades - But since this is the most expensive blade soo i wont really bother to try it.

B. Engine

OS 50 hyper or Align 50 hyper- This engine now i think is the most fav engine due to Ease of tuning and it give tons of power. the only bad thing about this engine is the rear bearing problem, thats why am changing to YS 50

YS 50 ST - this engine is very cool engine, but interm of tuning is totally differnt from os tuning, this engine love to run rich, the idle needle is using turn unlike os50 stock is center of the carb, this YS i run aroung 1.25 turn on the low needle and 2.4 on the high needle to fnd the sweet spot, but this is rich and ive been trying to lean out the high needle to gain more power and adding some extra time for the fly, then again it eat my rear bearing for the 2nd time, what i like about this engine is i dont need to worry about fuel line Clunk problem, i have flown with this engine for more the 300 flight now about 4 month and i havent change any clunk line yet, since this engine got the rear bearing problem i once again switch to OS50 Hyper since it is ready to fly in my drawer.

TT53 pro what i know about this engine it produce alot of power but for the early version it has the Carb needle spray problem, interm of poweri ve seen this engine show the most sweet power, but interm of consistency is really question me

engine that come to my mind now is a big bore

1. OS 60 and os 70
2. YS 56
3. Novarossi 57
4. OS55 Hyper
5. KME 60 (OS + YS ) this should the most sweet engine

C. Muffler

Align 50 muffler this muffler have give a very good power on both OS and YS 50, since i got this muffler on my Heli Kit Combo. And i havent have problem with baffle loose in my experience tho i have crash with this muffler for several times, Note is cut the skid hole for the the antena straw, because u will surely damage your pipe if u accidently make a hard landing.

OUTRAGE Hyper 50 i got this muffler the V2 version which was claim to be no more baffle issue, and crash 50% discount, at first i didnt notice that this baffle have come loose until i open this muffler from the engine, and look into the hole there is clear and u can see thru the muffler without baffle in between, then i shake this muffler and try to knock it on the floor then i found somthing is moving, from what i ve experience is when the baffle came loose ur Head temp is not consistence and somtime it reach 130C as my mgp recorded.

Hatori 522 This is my latest muffler and i really like this muffler because i think this is the best muffler for all engine, ease of tuning and idling, Quiet and dosent need any modification on the frame (Perfect Muffler for 600n YS50 and OS50)

D. Governer

My experience on gov is not much as blades and engine

Multi Gov Pro MGP - i like this governer is because it is easy to set, for the rpm and temp, it has the Carb Smart in it, and it look after the engine very well, about setting this Governer and Temp
its default setting work really well on OS50 engine, but for the YS50 u need to tweek somthing like Basegain need to be reduce to 35, and throt Curve Limit need to be increse to 35.

Align gov i havent tried or tested it before but i ve seen my boddy set it up, for the bigginer to 3D its is fine. but for some1 that really concern on consistency on recovering the headspeed it wount really suit the need.

future Gov

CY Governer
latest GYRO + GOV = Hello Control

The next upgrade that came to my mind is Flybarless but it make me think twice about spending on USD400, compare to my 5.99 flybar hehehe, the good impression on fbl is the cyclic are really faster, the collective management wont be worry much if ur collective was not really good, the heli look clean, the flight time increase by 2 to 3 minute as compare to flybar, and an honor of having FBL is really good since it is a new technology on model heli.

I hope u guys out there share ur experience if u have something to add, and feel free to comment on what i ve experience,



Trex 600,700 AND 450, GY611, GY401, OS5H, OS91HZ, MGP, HS65HB, Scorpion 2221-8,

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Other then that am not really concern due to am buying TREX 600 NSP in a first place, it was a good Advice from my flying buddy GIT (Airforcewan).
another good advice is FLYBARLESS!!!

can someone please convince this dude to go flybarless?

Alees Rush 750

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Delphos, Ohio

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very nice write up

It's a complex, costly, glow powered anti-gravity machine!

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