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hey could i use a mccoy glow plug in my os 50 hyper or no there jus no hobby shops near here the carry glow plugs and i have a mccoy plug from a car engine from a long time ago till a new one comes in.

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Livermore, CA - USA

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Wheres the lawn mower?
Best analogy I can come up with this is, if my car had a bad spark plug and there wasnt an auto parts store for miles should I just pop the plug out of the lawn mower and use it until I can get another one? The best answer in both cases is a resounding no!

It depends on what heat range the plug is that your R/C car was using in the first place. Mccoy makes a number of plugs and only research will tell you if its the right one for the job. Helicopters and Heli engines are too complicated and expensive to just throw any old plug in and risk over heating the engine due to detonation from an excessively hot plug. Better to stay on the ground for a few days awaiting the right plug than to burn up an engine or auto into the tree line when it quits at a bad time.

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Marblehead, OH

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I love these forums cause there are so many different view points.

I have used all kinds of cheap glow plugs, some that I've found on the ground. I've never felt the expensive ones worked any better.
I'm not recommending anything in particular, just saying what I've found.
Lately I'll admit buying the OS8 but only because they are about the same price any more.


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