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I'm looking to buy my first heli, and I was all set on dishing up £300 to buy the Blade 400, but I then got an offer for a used Century Neon Blaze CP V2.4G for £105. I believe the retail is around £145. I've heard nothing about the Neon Blaze but LOADS of great stuff about the Blade. I also can't seem to find many spare parts for the Neon Blaze.

Basically what I'm trying to ask is do you guys think its worth going for the Century Neon Blaze for £105, or dishing out £300 for the Blade 400?

Anyone know anything about the Century Neon Blaze? Can't find many reviews.

Thanks so much for any insight given!

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, vt usa

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i think if you cant get parts, its not worth it.

century u.k carries parts for the neon, 3 pages worth.

thats all i know sorry could not do more for ya.


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shakopee mn usa

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Imo I would stay away from it. This sit has a lot of adds here and this is the first I've heard this model. It looks to much like a blade cp. I have one. It's not fun out side, and you are almost always chasing the tail. I guess that is good training for scale flying. But for a starting heli I regret not just going into the 400 size and up right away.

Imo stay away from direct moter driven tails.

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Kent, UK

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Hi jj15590,

The Neon Blaze is a great little 400 size starter heli. It can be flown in a large hall or outside in quite moderate winds. There are many on this site who will talk it down as it has a motor driven tail. Believe me it flys well and for the price will prove to you if model helis are for you or not. Spares are easily availiable from Century UK direct or other good shops, TJD's, Midland, etc.

As you are going to outgrow it at about the same time as you would the Blade I would use it to save money for your next project. There have been a couple of reviews in the model press and it came out really well.

That's my twopen'arth anyway.

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