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Load share doesn't really exist. It's a myth.

The reason?

mCCPM: one servo is responsible for each axis. It's full travel goes toward that axis. Lets say +/- 60 degrees for each axis. As a consequence, each servo gets more leverage on each axis, as well as increased resolution (full 60 degrees devoted to JUST aileron, for example).

eCCPM: all 3 servos must perform collective, aileron, and elevator functions. Each servo can only devote a portion of its travel to each axis. For example, 20 degrees to collective, 20 degrees to aileron, and 20 degrees to elevator. The result... 1/3 of the travel for each axis times 3 servos equals the same load on each servo as in mCCPM (leverage is decreased, as is power, to get the swash movement required for each axis to work). Also, 1/3 the resolution.
jackheli and Sillyness,

I wish I could agree; however I had read about load share of eccpm elsewhere a while back in a book that seem to be authoritive. If you want, I'll dig it up. It was written by Russ Deakin who in my opinion is a superlative British pilot and writer. I've followed his articles for years in British magazines. One reason I like reading British magazines, is they are quite good at explaining things in English. They have an innate way of going into detail as is necessary.

I really could care less one way or the other, but my initial post in response to the original question still stands. My experience is just my experience. I even stated that my N9, Vibe50, and Trex600e all have never broke a gear set with JR8717s; however my Cypher had always broken 2 out of 3 due to recommended servos that were too small. They also had a difficult time centering. When I up them to Hitec 65HB, I've never broke another gear set. So I don't know whether it is beefy servos or load share, but it is immaterial to me. I just read what I read and fly and replace as necessary. I'll always repeat what I hear or read and leave the complicated stuff to others. I only delve into things deep enough to understand and not have to give a class on the subject. What seems logical to me is logical to me.

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HomeAircraftHelicopterMain Discussion › Metal servo arms
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